Woke Society
Woke Society wins as M&M's Spokescandies get replaced with Maya Rudolph #GetWoke #CancelCulture
Woke Society
Woke Society kills off spokescandies

The woke society creates an M&M Controversy and gets its way, again.

M&M Controversy

I get so triggered when I see companies bend a knee to the woke population of idiots in the world these days. We need to stop putting warning labels on everything because these idiots are spawning more and more of their gene pool into the world.

This whole woke movement is getting so out of hand and the media and corporations who give in to their ways are the problems. Back in the day, we didn’t have to put a warning label on a hot cup of coffee telling the idiots that it was hot and they shouldn’t place the hot beverage between their legs.

Back in the good old days if you were born with a prick between your legs and you told somebody that you identified as a girl or you were offended to be called a man, you were given a nice tight jacket and you spent time in a nice cozy padded room.

Now it seems that you have to go above and beyond to try and not hurt someone’s feelings or trigger them in any way that offends them. You can’t go out in public without some little prick saying you offend them in some way or another. If you do, you get canceled because not only are we in a Woke Society, but we’re also in a Cancel culture that is destroying people’s lives over some words that may have offended a group of people.

Cancel culture and the Woke Society Got The Spokescandies Fired

Following a significant announcement, M&Ms is currently trending on Twitter and in search results. The long-famous “spokescandies” are to be retired in the face of ongoing (and idiotic) outrage from conservative media figures, including Tucker Carlson of Fox News.


I really hope this is a joke. It’s a joke right? Yeah, it’s gotta be a joke. It is a joke, RIGHT!?

Despite what may seem like insignificant criticism, Fox News continues to be the most-watched non-sports cable network, with over 1.4 million viewers as of 2022. This gave Mars, M&M’s parent company, a large audience to answer to. Before the Super Bowl, a sports event renowned for its ad placements, M&Ms announced a big change–comedian Maya Rudolph is now their spokesperson.

The new Green M&M
The new green M&M – Maya Rudolph

While Maya Rudolph supporters were happy for her, others were quick to condemn the company for sticking with ridiculous conservative claims in their advertising. The green M&M was the initial topic of discussion, with some of the brand’s market research claiming that viewers felt the M&M was too sexualized, yeah, a candy. As a result, the footwear was changed, which in turn sparked more criticism from right-wing media figures.

Just to refresh your memory, the topic of this debate is a particular assortment of candies. Yes, CANDIES, this is how the road to humanity’s extinction looks. Candy cartoon characters won’t be a problem if we stay on this course. It will be too late because we will all be required to wear dildo hats and clown costumes if idiots are allowed to run society. All of these empty helmets will be in power. Considering that to some idiots out there, that would be a trend and the latest style.

Yes, if we continue to submit to their every whim, those idiots will soon be in charge of making all of our decisions. People who were once confined to rubber rooms by society are now influential figures who are reshaping the world in their image, but for some reason, no one wants to speak out and tell them, “OK, now that’s just stupid and you’re an idiot,” or “Don’t be stupid, stupid!” because they fear offending someone.



Many people will doubtless take offense to this post. But you know what? I couldn’t care less. You can be butthurt all you want; it has no bearing on me and does no harm to others. You are entitled to be offended by words. However, I have a problem when you’re irate and try to alter my life to fit into your ridiculously small world.

People need to stop worrying about offending others’ feelings because not everyone will share their opinion. They have the right to disagree, but they do not have the right to interfere with another person’s way of life. They should not impose their beliefs on others, and society should not tolerate this behavior.

I was born a male and according to science and biology, that will never change no matter how hard you wish it would.

There, just needed to get that off my chest.

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2 thoughts on “M&M’s Cave To Woke Society And Kill Off Spokescandies To Make Room For Maya Rudolph

    1. If your lazy illiterate ass actually read the post you’d know that’s not the case. If reading is too much for you, just try to read the first sentences in the first two paragraphs of the post and you’ll see why. You do know what a sentence and a paragraph are I hope, if not there’s no hope at all and the warning labels on everything have already caused irreversible damage to society.

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