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Walrus Killed Feature

These People Are Disgusting And Stupid and Should Be Ashamed

Freya the Walrus

People are disgusting and stupid and this is why I hate people.

People Are Disgusting

Death by selfie is what I call this heinous crime against nature all because people are disgusting and they just had to get that selfie with Faya the walrus despite authorities issuing warnings to stay away from the wild animal.

Norwegian authorities have announced the euthanasia of a famous female walrus, affectionately nicknamed Freya after the Norse goddess of beauty. Freya the walrus, a protected species, captured public attention after being continually spotted lounging on small boats in the Oslo Fjord, with her enormous 600-kilogram (1,320-pound) weight often causing them to sink.

Oslo residents had been warned not to get too close to the massive marine mammal. However, those warnings were ignored because people are disgusting and stupid.

According to the BBC, Oslo Police were forced to block off a bathing area after our chunky goddess chased a stupid and selfish woman into the water.

Norway’s fisheries ministry released a photo last week of a large group of idiots, including children, that were standing close enough to touch the gigantic animal. Because People are disgusting and stupid.

Walrus Killed Feature

The Backlash

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

This Neighbor Thinks He Owns The Street – Still Surrounded By Idiots Pt.2

We’re still surrounded by idiots

still surrounded by idiots

Is there such thing as Idiot Repellant? If there is we really could use a large supply of it. I just can’t seem to go a few days without being confronted by raging lunatics.

There must be something in the water because I’m surrounded by idiots. Good thing we drink bottled water.

So they think the roadway is their property.

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

My neighbor thinks he owns the roadway and that it’s his property. The very roadway everyone needs to drive on in order to get to their homes. I am still surrounded by idiots and I just want to be rid of them and their bullshit!

The traffic circle in the front of our home is not wide enough to make a full turn, so I have to use the whole thing to turn in our SUV. On this day there were kids playing in the street, which by the way is a violation of the Parks Lease Agreement, and I had to drive around them and continued driving the traffic circle.

Well, I was accused of driving two feet from them and almost hitting them and also almost hitting a bike (motorcycle). None of this is true. Watch the video.

Watch the video documented below.

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Awesome 1,000 Views Milestone!

Just Hit The 1K Views Milestone!

1000 views milestone

Wow! In just over 20 something days this site has already had over 1,000 views since I moved it to a new platform!

I just only recently moved this site from the Blogger platform because Blogger does a terrible job indexing the posts on the search engines, no matter what I did for SEO.

It’s all happening so fast!

Handwritten cards feature

Handwritten Cards Always Show That You Care

handwritten cards

Handwritten Cards Are Personal

I think handwritten cards are way better than those generic letterheads that are typed out or those canned responses companies use from their pile of prewritten corporate letters, they’re just so impersonal, but a handwritten card is a lot more personal.

Before I tell you why I feel this way I just want to put it into perspective because I have had personal experience with receiving a handwritten card during a very hard time I was having.

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My Road Rage Is Triggered Because Of Idiot Drivers

Road Rage

My Road Rage Is Triggered By Idiots!

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that there are a lot more Idiots Driving the roads than normal these days.

If it’s not Idiot Drivers Cutting Me Off, or nearly running me off the road, it’s the idiot drivers who break and slow down miles before their turnoff. Especially the places where they actually provide a long piece of the road for you to turn off and decelerate. This is what triggers my road rage!

If I Had My Way

If I were given the powers to press a button and disable an idiot’s car and walk up to them and slap them across the head with a driver’s Manual, I wouldn’t be triggered into road rage situations anymore.

If I Can’t Beat Sense Into Their Empty Skulls, Then…

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I Have A Tiny Hangover


Yeah, so I may be a wee bit hungover today. I don’t usually get hangovers though. So, unfortunately, there won’t be any long drawn-out posts today. Sorry about that. You can blame the beer. LOL!

Now if only I had these hangover pills they sell on Amazon. Then I’d be singing a different story I think.

Let’s see how things go tomorrow. I have a lot of stuff planned so come on back you hear?!

Save The Bees

We Need To Save The Bees!

Why Save The Bees?

Save The Bees - Bee Butt
This is a Bees’ Butt

Simply put, they are responsible for the food on your plate. As pollinators, bees play a part in every aspect of the ecosystem. They support the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants, which serve as food and shelter for creatures large and small. That’s why you need to save the bees!

Watch These Busy Bees At Work In This Video…

Backyard Wildlife

Excellent Benefits of Backyard Wildlife

The benefit of living in the country is the Backyard Wildlife

Backyard Wildlife

Living out in the country can have its positives and negatives, but mostly positives.

The positives of living out in the country are having your backyard full of wildlife, nature, and fresh air all around you.

Here in New Brunswick, Canada you get all of that guaranteed.

Watch this short video to see what I mean.

NB Canada Featured Image

Happy New Brunswick Day

New Brunswick Flag

What is New Brunswick Day?

New Brunswick Day 2022 is a holiday in the Canadian province of New Brunswick on the first Monday of August. It is a chance for people to strengthen their local communities by celebrating their achievements, history, culture, and landscape. Many towns hold “birthday” parties for the province.

The area that is now the province of New Brunswick has been populated by First Nations communities for around 6000 years. In the 1600s and 1700s, the area was colonized by the French and later the British. In 1867, New Brunswick formed the Canadian Confederation along with Nova Scotia and the province of Canada. New Brunswick Day has been a holiday since 1976 and the New Brunswick Day awards were introduced in 1991.

Some provincial symbols that may be seen on New Brunswick Day include:

  • The coat of arms contains similar elements to the New Brunswick flag.
  • The purple violet (a flower).
  • The black-capped chickadee (a small bird).
  • The balsam fir (a tree).
  • The New Brunswick tartan.

The New Brunswick flag is raised in some communities on the day. This flag is rectangular and consists of two parts. The top third of the flag is a gold lion on a red field, which represents the province’s links with the Braunschweig (Brunswick) region in central Germany and the monarch of the United Kingdom. The lower part of the flag consists of a Spanish galley and represents shipbuilding, which was an important industry in the province.

Public Life

New Brunswick Day is a statutory holiday in the province of New Brunswick and many people have a day off work. Post offices, schools, and many other organizations and businesses are closed, but stores may be open depending on local customs. Public transport services may be reduced or not run at all.

Milli Vanilli Cat

Funny Cat Video And More – Put A Smile On Your Face

Milli Vanilli Cats Video And Funny Paintings

If this cat video doesn’t make you laugh then you are dead inside.

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