This Is So Offensive! 0

This Is So Offensive!

This is in response to the latest Katy Perry Shoe Thing and all the other bullshit things people are calling blackface because something “looks’ like it....

Puppy Dog Loves Treats 0

Puppy Dog Loves Treats

Katie just loves her treats. She is so smart. She can’t get enough of her Milk Bone treats. She will do anything for them. I know...

Corgi Loves His Food 0

Corgi Loves His Food

Me when I have my favorite meal. Woooo, so good.**SOUND ON** Make sure you have the volume turned on. This Corgie does the cutest thing.

Google Plus Shutting Down 0

Google Plus Shutting Down

Google Plus shutting down for consumers. In December 2018 Google announced that they would be shuttering their Google+ social networking site for good due “to low...

Puppy Dog Battle 0

Puppy Dog Battle

Katie and Princess battle it out. They get interrupted when Buddy walks through the battlegrounds. These two are best buddies. It may look like they’re being...

Puppy Dog In Taken 0

Puppy Dog In Taken

My dog Katie is trying her luck in a movie career. Here she is auditioning for the movie Taken. Yeah, I got the iPhone App that...

Jan 20 2019 Blizzard 0

Jan 20 2019 Blizzard

The first blizzard of 2019, Timelapse. Forecasters were off on their predictions. They were calling for 40-50 cm of fluffy snow. Instead, we got 20 cm...

Who Is MacBros? 0

Who Is MacBros?

Over the years of blogging and video posting all this time, I’ve never exposed me as the owner of many websites and blogger articles that I’ve...