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Web Hosting Hub

Terrible Web Hosting Experience

Slow Web Hosting
slow web host

Web Hosting Hub? More Like Web Host Dud.

It’s just my luck that I end up hosting my WordPress Blog with a web host that is terrible. Yes, they have all the bells and whistles but what good are all those features if you can’t show them off because the site takes forever to load, and that it’s so slow that people will just click away?

Web Hosting Hub
Web Hosting Hub

I’ve Made A Huge Mistake!

The only reason that I didn’t bother doing any research and just purchased the hosting plan is that I had already used them about ten years ago and back then they were actually pretty good. I actually had a good experience with them.

So 10 years later I see that they still have a good starting price storage and bandwidth packages available, I figured, “It’s been 10 years and they’re still around and technology had advanced a lot in hosting technologies. They could only have gotten better right?”


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Becoming An Influencer Blogger Can Be Fun and Profitable

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Dear Diary

Documenting my life

Being a blogger for many many years has always been an outlet to basically create a Journal of sorts. I have blogged about a lot of life experiences in the past on an old Domain that I wasn’t able to get back to after stepping away for a wee bit. But I wrote in my blog/diary sharing my life experiences with the thousands of followers I had on that old website. I would share things that others were also familiar with and it would create a discussion, which was the point of blogging in the first place.

I gained a lot of followers which also drew the attention of marketing companies who would ask me to talk about a product or service they were trying to get out into the world. In return, they would offer monetary compensation or even send me free products that I could actually review and post my opinion on.

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Show Me The Money!

Making Some Money And Having Fun Doing It!

There wouldn’t be a day that passed where I didn’t have at least 4 to 5 reviews to do and it kept me busy and best of all, it gave me a topic to cover for some good content for my readers. I wouldn’t just write a review to say, “Hey! This is a good thing. Buy this thing today!” I actually put a lot of effort into my post reviews which drew even more traffic my way along with companies wanting me to talk about their products or services. And I suppose that’s when I officially became an Influencer Blogger.

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Amy West

Proof Anybody Can Be Successful.

Let’s have a look at the very successful Amy West.

Amy West waited around for most of her twenties waiting for somebody else to create a TV show for her to host since hosting was her specialty. Miss West had been doing modeling and commercial acting for several years before she started her own travel show. Amy is the creator of an upscale travel and lifestyle brand called Amy West Travel’s brand covers food, fashion, and family travel. Miss West has been on Fox Business, USA Today’s, The Huffington Post, and Trip Advisor, just to name a few. Amy has become so successful that she is also the President and Co-Founder of the North Florida Influencers networking organization, named one of the “Top Luxury Travel Bloggers to Follow.”

If Amy can do it why can’t you? Right? Because you can if you put the effort into it.

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A Helping Hand For A Hummingbird

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

This poor little hummingbird got trapped inside our greenhouse and crashed into our strawberry patch. I didn’t want it to cook inside the hot greenhouse while it was all disorientated, so I carefully let it sit on the tips of my fingers and I took it out to the hummingbird feeder so it could get a drink and get itself reorientated. After a few seconds, it chirped its thank yous and flew away.
You’re very welcome tiny hummingbird, and I’m so sorry you got caught inside our hot greenhouse.

Little Hummingbird Gets My Help Video

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Rat Vs. Pigeon – Strange Animals (Warning)

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

If you are a pissy-pants kinda person and just can’t handle real-life situations that involve animals being animals, then don’t watch this video. It may trigger your bubble-protected life. You have been warned.

If you can handle the reality of life and get a thrill out of watching animals do strange and funny things, then click on that play button. You’ll enjoy what you see and say to yourself, “What the hell did I just watch?”

Watch These Strange Animals?


Gotta Love This Heatwave Huh?

sweating temperatures
Yeah, it’s hot

How about this heatwave right!? This whole week has been a scorcher! It’s a good thing we have a couple of air conditioners in the house or I don’t think I would have been able to survive the heatwave.

Climate Change and This Heatwave Related?

If you believe that the heatwave and climate change aren’t related, then you have your head stuck in the mud, and you’re an idiot for ignoring all the current facts coming from around the world right now.

People are dying from this heat! That’s absolutely insane and sad that it happens in today’s modern times. You have all these big companies spewing waste and pollution into our atmosphere making things worse all just so they can line their pockets with money. You have billionaires wasting money on 10-minute space rides and social apps when that money could go to better use. I get that it’s their money and they can do what they please with it, but at least show some kind of responsibility to the planet you inhabit. That’s just my opinion that you’re entitled to.

Mainstream Media Milking This For All It’s Worth?

Me getting confused

Wow! Things Have Changed While I Was Away!

Me tring to figure out WordPressThings Have Changed!

So I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to set up this WordPress Blog by adding plugins and customizing the Theme, which I’m not totally committed to yet, I’m really trying to get used to the Editor itself. All I can say is, “WOW! Things have changed while I was away!” WordPress is completely different now and it’s almost overwhelming sometimes.

What Happened To Jetpack?

I do not like how Jetpack is now charging for premium options when it was 100% free when I was using it before. But I also like a lot of the new features they added that is free. Who knows, maybe if this blog becomes profitable enough, I’ll upgrade to the premium version.

Slow Hosting Problem

I’m going to have to submit a support ticket to the hosting provider because you may have noticed the site is really slow at times. I went with Web Hosting Hub because they were the Hosts for my old blog and they did a very good job as far as speed, customer service, and storage space and bandwidth.

Getting There Slowly, But Surely with SEO

Once I get everything up and running I’ll have to do that boring and tedious job of linkbacks and SEO stuff to get this domain some better ratings to draw those paying advertisers in to help support the place, both hosting and life in general.

So hang in there as I try and figure out this new interface and these new widgets and get them working the way I like them. Then I’ll try and post things that are entertaining enough to keep you coming back for more.

Link Whoring

If you would like to have a link back on my sidebar just let me know and you can link this site on your site as well, it’ll be a win-win situation for all of us.

I'm Back! And Starting from scratch

I’m Back! And Starting From Scratch

 So what did I miss?

I'm Back!

I’ve been busy working and trying to make ends meet. I haven’t really had the time to do anything online. I have mostly been on Facebook staying in contact with friends and family who will still put up with my shit. LOL.

I’ve been gone from blogging on a regular basis, especially with my own domain. My previous domain has been taken and used as a garbage site to scam people. It had a really good PR rating and they’ve probably destroyed that. 

Started a Facebook page that I will probably link this site to it. Probably rebrand everything over the coming months. Hopefully I can start generating some revenue from my blog again.

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June Bug The Movie

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside. 

June Bug The movie is coming soon to a screen door near you. Available June 2022.  

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YouTube Scam Alert – Pierre Cardin Email Scam


Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Here we go again. Garbage people trying to get a free ride from us hard-working, good people of the world. The scum of the earth that think they can just rip people off and get away with it. But unfortunately, a lot of the time they often get away with it. So that’s why I’m going to share this scammer’s bullshit scam they tried to pull on me. I hope this post finds the people that really need to see this before they are scammed by these garbage people.

So, a couple days ago, I received an e-mail from a scammer who was claiming to be from Pierre Cardin. Some weird clothing company I believe. Anyway, they were wanting to collaborate on a sponsored advertisement they wanted to put in one of my YouTube videos in compensation for some cold hard cash. When I saw the amount they were offering, I knew it was bullshit.

Subject: company provide from Pierre Cardin logo

From: Pierre Cardin <>


Hello, dear content creator! We would like to offer you a very favorable collaboration.

We are an Italian premium clothing brand, which is named after the famous Italian fashion designer of French origin – “Pierre Cardin”. We produce high quality luxury designer clothes for women and youth. Recently the demand for our products has become lower, so we have decided to start actively buying advertising from bloggers. We would love for you to help us promote our new collection and get a payout of $2,500 to your bank account or PayPal wallet! Working with us you will get more information about our collection and affiliate bonuses!

We would love to work with you, if you are interested please contact us on this email. Once you contact us via feedback, we will provide you with a license agreement and video presentation.

Thank you!

Best Regards, Pierre Cardin team!

I knew this was a scam the moment I saw the Subject line and the bad grammar of the e-mail. Not to mention the offer of $2,500 to my Bank Account or PayPal. But I just wanted to see how they thought they would try and scam me anyway. So I replied, “I’m Interested!” And the next day I got the response I thought I was going to get.

Subject: company provide from Pierre Cardin logo
From: Pierre Cardin <>
Good afternoon, our dear partner! The Pierre Cardin team is delighted to welcome you.
If you have reached this point, then you are great and we are sure that we can be useful to each other!
Below you can find the key to the materials discussed in our response letter.
Our website:
1. Our offer for 30 seconds of integration is $2500, if you do not agree, send your offer.
The method of receiving funds is in the contract in the archive, if you agree, read the contract and send us your details in this document.
2. Affiliate program, insert your personal code into the description of the video: ALJ134, for each purchase using your promotional code you will receive 5%
3. Your Pierre Cardin promo code is AYVRL1442L, you can use it and get 25% off any product
4. A cooperation agreement, as well as a video pre-roll of our new catalog at this link:
Your personal password from archive: 0652
Attention, the distribution of the contract and the video pre-roll is strictly prohibited.
5. We want you to insert our pre-roll at the beginning of your next video, also tell us about our company, you can tell the information found on the Internet.
It is forbidden to use profanity, abbreviations of words.
With love, your Pierre Cardin

 Yup, just as I suspected. A lot of terrible grammar, a great welcome to the team of suckers, and a list of demands in order for them to look legit. 

I’ve been contacted by actual advertisers wanting to advertise on my platforms before, and this is NOT how it’s done. It kinda does in parts like asking to sign a contract and such but NEVER asking you to download an executable file to run on your computer. Internet 101, “Never open an EXE file from unknown sources.”

Although I know this is all a scam, I went to the DropBox location to see just what they are trying to get people to download.

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

343.74MB for a Document File!?!?!?!? Right?

 But it’s not a Document File if you notice that it has a .exe on the end of that filename. And if you click on the little info icon ( i ) on the right, you’ll get more realistic size information and also the user who uploaded the scam!

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Size 121.43 MB
Modified 5/6/2022, 9:33 AM
Type Archive
Uploaded by wdsd sdf
Date uploaded 5/2/2022, 4:08 PM

Garbage user ‘wdsd‘ probably won’t be around after this post because I reported it to DropBox. This is what everyone needs to be doing when they get these types of scams in their e-mail. Report them every chance you get. A few seconds out of your day may save years of grief to an unsuspecting victim.
To report scams on DropBox, click on the ‘?’ in a circle in the top right of the screen and select Report and Issue like you see in the below image. Report it as a scam and fill out the rest to help them deal with this scum of the earth.

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

I hope this helps keep people from getting scammed by these assholes. There should be laws around the world that will be harsh to anyone who scams another person. Harsh life sentences. Not a fine, because they’ll just pay it and be back to their garbage life of scamming the good people of the world. They need to be thrown into prison for very long extended periods. This should be treated like an Armed Robbery.

Please share this post with those who you think need to see it. Please report scammers any way you can. The more we fight back, the less desirable this practice becomes. Educate those who you feel are at risk of scams like this. If you get an offer that’s too good to be true, chances are that it is a scam. If the offer is filled with terrible grammar, and bad spelling, it’s a scam, no company will embarrass themselves like that. They have Professional PR departments that deal with that side of the business. They know how to get in contact with you the correct way, and the Legal way.

Please comment if you know of any other scams so others will see them. Also, share this post, please. People need to know how these garbage people operate.

Stay Safe!

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If the ‘Titanic’ Was Filmed in New Brunswick Today


Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

    To say that the potholes here in New Brunswick, Canada are pretty bad this year would be an understatement. I don’t know if it is because of the whole COVID thing, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to blame it on that anyway.

    I bet the police are having a hell of a time trying to figure out who is driving drunk or who is just trying to avoid hitting a pothole these past few weeks. Because that is all we’re doing right now, just swerving in and out and around massive craters in the roads.

    As far as repairs go. I haven’t seen any crews out at all trying to fill them in at least with crappy band-aid jobs. 

    So what do you think? Way past the time of repairs and patch jobs? Time for a complete repave in your area? Answer in the comments.

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