affordable hobbies
Here's part two of our series on Amazing Hobbies that won't cost you that much or can even be free #Hobbies
Amazing Hobbies
Amazing Hobbies

More Amazing Hobbies that almost anyone can afford

Amazing hobbies
Amazing Hobbies

Last week we started an Amazing Hobbies list that got a lot of views, unfortunately not a whole lot of comments. A lot of lookie-loos, LOL! Well, that’s fine, you don’t have to make a comment just as long as you enjoyed the content we provided.

This will be part 2 of a 3-part list and just like the first one last week, this one is also filled with amazing hobbies that pretty much anyone can afford because they all require very little investment or no investment at all really.

1. Volunteering


Do you have a hobby that you enjoy doing for fun? Maybe you love cooking or painting, and you enjoy sharing your skills and talents with others. Maybe you’re a sucker for dogs, and you enjoy volunteering your time to help care for animals in need. Whatever your hobby might be, there’s no doubt that giving back to the community can be just as engaging. When you choose a cause that matters to you, you’re investing your time and energy into helping others in need. It’s a great way to connect with others and feel like you’re making a difference.

I think that all parents should encourage their children to Volunteer in their communities. With the way that the younger generation disrespects others these days, maybe if they’re encouraged to volunteer more they will learn how to be more respectful and helpful to others in the long run and grow up to be a better person.

2. Visiting a Museum

Visiting a Museum
Visiting a Museum

Take the time to explore the culture around you and become an art connoisseur! Sign up for a museum membership to get exclusive access to new exhibits and special events. Or look into which nights and days offer free admission; many museums have special offers at times. There’s also the option of checking out local gallery openings – these are usually free and an exciting way to learn about and appreciate art.

We’re not really the art museum type of people here, to be honest. We’re more of the, “Rather look at the art on my couch” type of people. But that shouldn’t discourage you from checking out any of the Museums in your area.

Just because we’re a bunch of lazy bums here at Mac’s Opinion doesn’t mean that you have to be either, LOL!

3. Learning to Dance

Learning to Dance
Learning to Dance

If you love to dance, why not indulge in your passion? Whether it’s at home or in a dance club, hit the floor! There are many inexpensive classes in ballroom, ballet, tango, and other styles of dance available at Y’s and other local centers.

Oh, the memories of clubbing and sweating buckets on the club’s dance floor. I think that’s one of the ways I kept fit and slim to be honest because you really exert yourself when your bustin’ a move like nobody’s watching.

You can even learn new dance moves in your own living room now with so many DIY Dancing videos on the market these days. So now you don’t really have an excuse that somebody might see you.

4. Fishing


Why not try fishing as a way to connect with nature? It’s a fun and peaceful activity, and you can also save on groceries by catching your own fish for dinner.

Are you not a fish person? Neither are we actually. Can’t stand the taste of any fish at all. But the actual act of fishing can be really fun and relaxing.

I can remember when my friend’s Dad took us both out on a fishing adventure and it was the first time I wasn’t sure what to expect. When it came to putting the worms on the hook, my friend’s Dad had to do that for us, LOL! It was surprisingly fun and I looked forward to the next fishing trip.

So grab a tackle box and get out into the wilderness and cast that line won’t you?

5. Learning a Language

Learning a Language
Learning a Language

You can do it! Learning a new language can be a fun and rewarding experience, no matter what your goals may be. There are a number of great apps that can make the process easy and enjoyable. So get started today and you’ll be on your way to an exciting new adventure!

I wish there were the abundance of outlets to learn we have today back when I was trying to learn French in school. I could not grasp the language and I failed that class miserably. I put the blame on how we were taught back in the day. They made it feel like a punishment and scolded you for doing poorly.

Today we have the internet and audible books and so on that, you can use to learn pretty much any language. I wish I could Learn French because here in Canada it seems to be taking over as it’s a secondary language you need here in order to get a good government job.

6. Learning How to Sew

Learning How to Sew
Learning How to Sew

Sewing can be a really meditative and rewarding practice, and there are so many fun new trends to try, like sashiko. It can also save you money in the long run, because you can fix many clothes yourself.

Not only can you just fix your own clothing, but there are people on Facebook Marketplace selling some really nice homemade crafts that they made on their own by sewing things and creating marketable items

Miss Mac’s Opinion has a few things on Marketplace that she’s put together and it’s amazing how fast people buy them up. The teddy bears are always a big hit and she can’t keep up with the demand. Maybe it’s time for me to learn how to sew to help her out, but I think it’s the joy she gets from creating things because she’s always, “Look! Ain’t it so CUTE!?”

7. Learn Calligraphy

Learn Calligraphy
Learn Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a stylish and very useful hobby to pursue. Impress your next dinner party guests with handmade name cards. Or offer to do the invitations for your best friend’s engagement party. All you need is a pen, ink, and paper.

I can remember learning this in school as part of an art project. Learning Calligraphy was something I found enjoyable and relaxing.

When you have this skill, people will be asking you to do all sorts of favors for them. Maybe you could even make a bit of cash from this hustle, right?

The only thing is though, the kids these days don’t even read cursive writing anymore, so not sure how well this would do in the long run.

8. DIY Projects

DIY Projects
DIY Projects

If you’re looking for ways to save money and upgrade your home at the same time, DIY projects are a great way to go. Books and online tutorials can teach you how to build shelving, retile a backsplash, and more. Plus, if you’re a homeowner and you have set money goals to include selling your home at a profit, DIY projects can be a terrific path forward.

I have noticed a trend with people doing DIY Projects with used wood pallets. I watched a YouTube video of a guy who took a few wooden pallets and turned them into a Table which he sold on Marketplace for over $800!

I have access to used wooden pallets and really should get into making things from wooden pallets and making some serious pocket money.

9. Joining a Club

Joining a Club
Joining a Club

There are plenty of great local groups you can join thanks to online meetup sites. Whether you’re looking for a hiking buddy or a group to practice a language with, you can likely find a group that suits your needs. All kinds of great options are available. You might also find a coffee-lovers group that gathers on weekends to test-drive new cafes; it could be a fun, frugal way to caffeinate and expand your social circle.

How about joining the Hellfire Club from Stranger Things? Or maybe a coffee club is more your thing. Whatever it may be I’m sure it will keep you active and you’ll gain new friendships.

10. Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube Channel
Start a YouTube Channel

If you are passionate about something and enjoy making videos, then starting a YouTube channel could be a great way to connect with others who share your interests and earn a little extra money. So go for it!

People have become very successful on YouTube. I would really like to know their secrets because I just can’t seem to reach their 4000-hour goal to get monetized. I did have my channel monetized before, but they changed something a few years ago with their algorithm I lost views overnight and just can’t seem to get them back.

Making YouTube videos is still fun to do and even the smallest amount of feedback is always welcome.



Ok, so that’s 20 awesome hobbies that you can choose from now. There will be 10 more tomorrow for you to check out so be sure to check back again in case you want to add on to that list of things to do for 2023.

Also, we’d like to thank all of the readers who have used the affiliate links that we provided in our lists. That helps out the site a whole lot and lets us continue posting great articles like these ones.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Awesome Hobbies!


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