must-have browser extensions
Discover 8 must-have browser extensions that are completely free to use and will drastically increase your productivity. These extensions are so good, it feels like you're getting away with something secret, but rest assured, they are completely legal.
Must-Have Browser Extensions that are completely free to use

These must-have browser extensions are free to use but feel illegal to know about

must-have browser extensions

Discover 8 must-have browser extensions that are completely free to use and will drastically increase your productivity. These extensions are so good, it feels like you’re getting away with something secret, but rest assured, they are completely legal.

The browser extensions that we’ll be featuring here will help your productivity in ways that you’ll be telling yourself, “Why haven’t I ever heard of these things?” From spelling and grammar help to capturing full web pages into downloadable documents.

Some of these extensions have been previously mentioned in our other browser extensions posts, but that’s because they are really that good and everyone should have them installed onto their web browsers.

1. Grammarly

Must-Have Browser Extensions

Confession time: my grammatical and orthographical prowess leaves much to be desired. Occasionally, the eloquence that resounds in my mind fails to translate onto paper. To rectify this, I turn to Grammarly for guidance in refining my spelling and paragraph composition.

Grammarly offers two options for recording your memoirs: crafting them directly within its user-friendly interface or utilizing the browser extension to receive real-time corrections. Ever since Grammarly’s inception, I have been an avid user. While the basic version is free, an enhanced premium service is available to cater to your specific needs.

Investing a few bucks in these supplementary perks is undoubtedly worthwhile if you wish to evade any semblance of illiteracy. By employing this AI-powered tool, I strive to maintain a polished and proficient linguistic persona.

2. Mail Hunter

Must-Have Browser Extensions

Hunter is your all-in-one email outreach platform. Find and connect with the people that matter to your business.

Hunter simplifies the process for sales, recruiters, and marketers to connect with professionals by offering user-friendly tools that are both straightforward and impactful.

Hunter scours the depths of the internet, diligently indexing publicly available email addresses of professionals. This invaluable data can be easily accessed through a sleek and intuitive user interface, empowering individuals to locate the right contacts within a company or swiftly reach out to already identified professionals.

Moreover, Hunter extends its expertise beyond email discovery. It provides an unrivalled email verification service and equips users with the ability to schedule and execute effective cold email campaigns.

Established in France in 2015, Hunter has grown into an international force, boasting a diverse team of 11 individuals who work remotely across North America, Europe, and Asia. With a user base exceeding 3 million professionals, ranging from freelancers to industry giants like Google, Adobe, and Microsoft, Hunter’s impact is felt worldwide.

3. Fonts Ninja

Fonts Ninja
Must-Have Browser Extensions

Expand your typographic possibilities with an expansive library of over 3000 acclaimed fonts at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrate this font treasure trove with the design software of your choice, be it Sketch, Photoshop, InDesign, Figma, or any other.

Set your creativity free without worrying about font costs and make your designs shine with individuality. Discover captivating fonts on websites and effortlessly experiment with them in any software.

With just a click, you can transform your designs and take them to new heights. Unleash your design potential now!

Must-Have Browser Extensions

4. ColorZilla

Must-Have Browser Extensions

Enhance your web development and graphic design endeavours with the remarkable ColorZilla extension for Google Chrome.

This invaluable tool offers a range of features, both fundamental and, to streamline your colour-related tasks. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with the Color Picker, Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator, and various other sophisticated colour tools.

Unlock the ability to effortlessly extract colour readings from any point in your browser, and swiftly tweak and transfer these colours to other programs. Immerse yourself further by analyzing web pages and exploring their captivating colour palettes.

Unleash your creativity with the ability to craft intricate multi-stop CSS gradients. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Discover the limitless potential of ColorZilla, available as a Google Chrome extension and a Firefox add-on. Embrace this essential companion and elevate your creative endeavours to new heights.

5. GoFullPage


The best browser extension for taking screenshots of entire web pages.

GoFullPage is a browser extension that allows you to take a screenshot of the entire web page you are viewing in your browser. When you click the extension icon, the extension scrolls down the current page you’re viewing in your browser, combining each scrolling window into one image displayed in a new tab. From there you can, for example, download images or export them as PDFs with a page size of your choice. It also offers premium features like editing, commenting, datestamps, smart page breaks, and more.

You can now download the app for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Extensions for other browsers are unapproved versions and are not endorsed or operated by GoFullPage. Therefore, for best results, we recommend downloading the product only from the Chrome Web Store or the Microsoft Edge Addons page (which takes less than 1 minute). However, please note that users running Chromium can download GoFullPage from the Chrome Web Store and use GoFullPage Premium. Stay tuned for official extensions for other browsers as well.

Must-Have Browser Extensions

6. Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus

Built by users for students and writers! The synonymic and other associations are suggested, rated and used by its visitors.

Based upon regular visitor’s participation and constant work of our editorial department for more than 10 years.

Top-rated results are accessible for free. Complimentary access is backed by cost-effective PRO Memberships and ads from premium advertisers. There is also the free version of course.

Users enjoy an easy-to-follow look & feel, yet with powerful assisting tools.

Power Thesaurus is a fast, convenient and comprehensive online thesaurus

Available on Mobile Apps and Browser extensions.

7. SimilarSites


Discover the best sites and explore competitors and related sites with, a related content browsing extension. is a revolutionary recommendation engine that crawls the web to bring you more of the content you love. takes the clutter out of the web by finding sites similar to the sites you browse based on relevant content, web structure, link analysis algorithms, detailed user browsing behaviour, and a large community of user rankings.

Their technology uses over 20 unique similarity engines to create a snapshot of your website inside and out. After analysis, we use our massive data index to categorize your website for the best and most relevant results.

8. Scribe


Just press record and a step-by-step tutorial will be created automatically. When your team needs it most, Scribe automatically creates guides and makes them available to your team. Save time, stay focused, and help others.

Using AI, Scribe automatically creates guides after observing your workflow.

We have used his Scribe on numerous accounts and have shown friends and family how to complete tasks ranging from changing Facebook settings to using WordPress in simple video tutorials.

Must-Have Browser Extensions



We hope you found this list of must-have browser extensions useful and help save you a bunch of time which would normally be wasted doing all the tasks these must-have browser extensions manually.

As always, if there are Must-Have Browser Extensions that you think should be included in any of our future postings let us know about them in the comments below.


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