My iCash Testimony For Their Money Lending Service

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A while ago I was in a bind and needed some money fast. I saw an ad on Facebook for iCash and I’m glad I did because this has got to be the easiest, affordable, fast money lending service I’ve ever seen.

Not only is their online application process completed entirely online in mere minutes, but you receive your fast funds by e-transfer in 5 minutes. With iCASH, you receive your funds almost instantly.

What’s the catch you may be wondering. Well, there isn’t really any. I guess if you need to call something a catch, it would be that whatever you borrow, has to be paid back in three payments. Which isn’t really a catch IMO. So basically, the more you borrow, the higher each of those three payments will be. 

What are the interest rates? None really, just a flat rate. It’s $15 for every $100 you borrow. So if you borrow $100, you end up paying back $115.

How much can you borrow? Up to $1,500. But keep in mind, you’d have to pay that back in Three Payments, so make sure you can cover those payments before you borrow higher amounts.

Are there incentives? YES! When you successfully make your payments on time you are rewarded with money. I’m not sure what the exact values are, but with my one-time $100 loan, I’ve already gained $0.75 in my account which accumulates when you make a payment till you withdraw it. I haven’t really read into this feature yet, but you can check it out on the iCash website.

I just wanted to share this with anybody who finds themselves in a situation where they need cash for groceries, bills, or even money to go out clubbing with friends. I have been stuck in situations where I was broke and couldn’t do anything. Thankfully with iCash, I won’t have to be stuck in that situation again!

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