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I need to post about this problem with other drivers that give me road rage. Something that I don't think people are being taught when learning how to drive.
Road Rage

My Road Rage Is Triggered By Idiots!

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that there are a lot more Idiots Driving the roads than normal these days.

If it’s not Idiot Drivers Cutting Me Off, or nearly running me off the road, it’s the idiot drivers who break and slow down miles before their turnoff. Especially the places where they actually provide a long piece of the road for you to turn off and decelerate. This is what triggers my road rage!

If I Had My Way

If I were given the powers to press a button and disable an idiot’s car and walk up to them and slap them across the head with a driver’s Manual, I wouldn’t be triggered into road rage situations anymore.

If I Can’t Beat Sense Into Their Empty Skulls, Then…

Well, if I can’t smack these idiot drivers upside the head with common sense, then I guess I will have to post something that may show them what they are doing wrong with pretty little pictures so they can understand and follow along with.

The Idiot Driver who slows down way too early.

You know who they are, the idiots who start to slow down for their turn about a Kilometer before their turn actually comes up. Especially when the Department of Transportation engineered a long stretch of road for them to exit and slow down on, as to not impede the traffic behind them. So they can exit the road safely.

Time To Educate The Idiot Drivers…

As you can see in the image below. It is the intersection nearby that’s on Lincoln Road where Nevers Road exits onto Lincoln Road. My road rage trigger is when people start slowing down by the Lions Club on an 80Kph road slowing everybody behind them down to like 60Kph. They even sometimes don’t even bother to use the exit lane at all and practically turn while still in the middle of the road.

Lincoln road - nevers road
Drivers Need To Use The Indicated Exit Lanes

The next place these idiots will trigger me is when they are heading to the airport and start to slow down at the Pilot Training School. Instead of using that nice long stretch of road they made for them, they just slow down traffic until they slowly creep into the exit lane. Look where they’re supposed to start to decelerate compared to where they end up decelerating. I’ll be doing 80Kph and go into a raging fit when these idiots slow down to 50Kph way before their turn.

Lincoln Road Airport exit
The Airport Exit/Entrance on Lincoln Road

But wait! There’s more! It seems idiots really think they’re supposed to start slowing down just before the Bridge over the Oromocto River instead of that nice long stretch of the road they’re supposed to use to exit off Lincoln Road onto Wassis Road. Yup, 50-60Kph on a 80Kph hiway. That probably triggers a lot of road rage in a lot of people.

Lincoln Rd - Wassis Rd
Lincoln Rd. – Wassis Rd.

This next one really takes the cake. Idiots will slow right down to like 70Kph on a 110Kph highway hundreds of yards before the exit is even in sight! Triggering my road rage. The Exit off from the Trans Canada Highway to Oromocto is super long. Plenty of coverage for a driver to enter it and safely slow down and not disrupt the safe flow of traffic on the highway. But NOPE! The idiots need to slow down way before the bridge that is hundreds of feet away from the actual exit.

Trans Canada Highway - Oromocto Exit

Let’s Have A Eye Level View Shall We?

This is the same exit as shown in the above image, but this one is at eye level. That way the idiots can see from their perspective where and where not to start breaking when exiting from the highway.
See that white car on the left? That’s the correct place to start slowing down when exiting on the highway. But for some reason, you choose the area the white car on the right starts slowing down, causing traffic behind you to cram together behind you. And causing me to have road rage. Don’t be a dick, and drive properly.

Eye Lever View For The Idiots


Can you please use the intended part of the road designed for you to safely exit onto? You have no idea how much road rage you’ll have prevented when you do.

Please mention your road rage moments in the comments below.

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