NB Power rate hike
An outrage! NB Power's 13% April hike and a 23% carbon tax surge bleed us dry—corporate greed masked as infrastructure costs. Resist! Demand change, seek energy independence. Enough is enough!

This isn’t NB Powers’ idea of a sick April Fool’s joke

Brace yourselves; it’s not an April Fool’s joke, but it sure feels like one! On April 1st, we’re getting slapped twice: first, with the outrageous carbon tax leaping another 23%, and then NB Power has the audacity to pile on with a whopping 13% rate hike. It’s like they’re all in cahoots—ensuring the rich get richer, feasting on the fruits of our labour, while regular folks get shafted, yet again, by an unyielding system that seems to take sadistic pleasure in draining every last penny from our pockets. Wake up, people, we’re being played!

Here’s the E-Mail I received from NB Power

I call BS!

The assertion that consumers should bear the cost of maintenance and upgrades to company equipment is perplexing. The statement provided, “If the final rate is approved by the EUB, will mainly be invested in improving your reliability,” raises serious concerns about the justification for such expenses. It is difficult to comprehend the rationale behind this allocation of funds.

Why not hand over the work boots and safety gear straight to us, the customers, so we can scurry around fixing their crumbling network? After all, they’re probably too busy sunning themselves on their luxury yachts to bother with such trivial matters. They rake in the profits while we deal with the fallout. Seems fair, right?

Profits are plummeting, and what’s their ingenious solution? Squeeze us for every penny by jacking up prices, again. It’s the same old story with these monopoly power barons—they know they’ve got us by the throat. With no competition in sight, they’re cashing in on our desperation, because really, what’s our alternative? We’re shackled to their service, hostages to their constant, shameless rate hikes.

This Variance Account Recovery Filing is nothing short of preposterous. If ballooning expenses are nibbling away at your bottom line, here’s a wild idea: prune the excess! Time to cast off the dead weight, don’t you think? How about the executives take a modest hit in their paycheck, or better yet, let’s forego that $20,000 bonus, shall we? It seems like this company has mastered the art of extortion, squeezing out every last cent from your pockets with unyielding fervour.

Time to go off-grid

Every blasted alert from NB Power sends me reeling with visions of cutting the cord — severing ties with their incessant grip on my utility bill. Seriously, enough is enough; it’s high time to reclaim power, literally. Why not slap some solar panels on the roof or rig up a wind generator? Anything to break free from the shackles of NB Power. Imagine the thrill of self-sufficiency, not a dime or a watt to spare for those profit peddlers. Selling my surplus power back to them? Ha! As if I’d funnel money back into their pockets, let them turn my toil into their treasure. Not happening.

Enough Is Enough – Your Voice Matters

Say no to NB Power rate hike

Fellow New Brunswickers, the picture painted here is clear: the time for complacency is over. We’re not just talking numbers and percentages; we’re talking about our lives, our struggles, and the real impact these NB Power rate hikes have on each of us. Are we to stand idly by as the divide between the corporate giants and the everyday citizen widens to a chasm?

The narrative that we’re powerless in the face of such changes is a relic of the past. It’s high time we challenge the status quo — with our voices, our actions, and our refusal to be silent. The necessity to push back against this tidal wave of tax across Canada and NB Power rate hikes is urgent. As consumers, as voters, and as a community, we hold more power than we realize. It’s up to us to demand transparency, fairness, and a system that doesn’t buckle under the weight of greed.

We want to hear from you, the real people getting hit the hardest. What’s your take on these incessant hikes? Are you preparing to take charge of your own energy independence? Or perhaps it’s time to channel this frustration into a collective demand for change?

Drop your thoughts, your stories, and your ideas in the comments below. Let’s create a thunderous echo that can’t be ignored. Speak out on the financial pressures you’re facing, the measures you’re taking, and the solutions you envision. Let’s connect, share, and mobilize, because only together can we hope to steer this ship onto a new course.

Comment below and join the movement for a fairer future.

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