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New Brunswick Heading Back To Mandatory Masks - Thanks To Anti-Vaxxers

    Yup, I’m so pissed off now after hearing on CBC Radio that officials in New Brunswick are considering making mask-wearing mandatory again because of the rising cases of COVID-19. These cases are mostly un-vaccinated people who have had every opportunity to get vaccinated but chose not to. So they are taking up hospital beds that would be used by others who really needed them for surgeries and cancer patients and so on.

    Over 80% of New Brunswickers who took the time out of their lives to get vaccinated in order to stomp out the COVID-19 virus, protect others who still remain vulnerable and cannot get access to the vaccine yet, get the children back into their classes, and in hopes of getting things back to somewhat normal, it’s been a step back because somebody read a f**cing post on Facebook and refuses to get vaccinated.

    Thanks to all the SELFISH: anti-vaxxers, conspiracy ass-hats, Covidiots who believe a f**cing Facebook post over science, Idiots who believe what their unemployed friend down the road who’s drunk 80% of the day says over what the professionals and scientists are saying, and then those lazy ass c*nts who are just too f**cing lazy to get up off their asses to bother to get vaccinated, we can all thank all of them for making New Brunswick a Mandatory Mask Wearing Province again. Congratulations you selfish f**cing C*nts!

    You selfish mother f*ckers are the f**cing problem and I hope Darwin pays you all a visit very soon. I’ve heard of so many idiotic and ridiculous reasons why not to get vaccinated all of which are so profound and stupid and make absolutely no sense at all, yet when the professionals and scientists explain why their excuses are idiotic, the Covidiots completely ignore the facts. But when some 40-year-old basement dweller in their Mom’s house comes up with some conspiracy theory that Bill Gates is trying to Microchip the world the Covidiots believe it as Gospel. Hey, you’re not that important to Bill Gates, let alone the Government, or your neighbor, so get over yourself.

    “I’m not gonna get the vaccine because I don’t know what’s in it, ” is a common saying from Covidiots, but yet they pop Tylenol, Aspirin for their headaches that they got from drinking all that alcohol the night before at the BBQ where they ate all the hot dogs. Because they know what goes into the Pills, booze, and hotdogs right?

    I’m gonna wrap up this rant. I just had to post this because it has to be said. I don’t expect to change the Covidiots’ minds out there. They’re stuck in their ways and the only time it seems that they do eventually wish they got the vaccine is when they’re dying in a hospital bed from COVID-19, but by that time, it’s too late for them.

    So rather than fighting and arguing with a Covidiot, I’ll just wait.

    In closing, Thank you, you f**cing selfish c*nts for getting Mandatory Masks back.

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