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I have been given the pleasure to test out a new social media management tool for scheduling & auto-posting to all the big social networks called @glowupp. I have been using it for the past week to post my things across three separate social networks at the same time. I am very please with the design and simplicity of the tool. It makes getting those funny Memes posted quickly and effortlessly saving my time from having to open each social network and posting the same thing over and over again.
Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Being able to schedule posts to go up at different periods of time is great for when you have so much to post at once but don’t want to spam all your followers, the scheduler allows you to dump everything all at one time and then have the Glow Upp tool post them at random times while you’re off doing other things. 
If you love posting images like I do, the Glow Upp tool also has a watermark feature that I find very handy. Any image that I post will automatically get a watermark of my own and it can place it anywhere you want it to show up on your images. All automatically.
So now whenever I have a little bit of time, I can put together a bunch of posts all at once and schedule them all to post at any time that I choose. So easy!
If you are a frequent social Networking person and want to try it out they have a free trial offer. To get started head on over to www.glowupp.com now and start saving time right away.
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