NFT Scam site
This site almost scammed me into their NFT Scam. Stay away from these NFT scammers.
NFT Scam site
NFT Scam site

NFT Scam sites are the worst!

Scammers need to be in prison
e-nft scam

Scammers are the worst and I would hope that any Judge would throw the book at them and sentence them to the maximum plus extra time for being the scum of the earth. I’d like to see scammers being caught and locked up for life for the torment and financial stress they put on their victims.

I’d ask how they sleep at night but it’s apparent that these garbage people don’t have a conscience at all and probably aren’t fazed by the disgusting NFT scam practice they inflict on their victims.

All scammers are garbage people and need to go to hell.

scammers suck and need to go to hell
nft crypto scam

From the phone scammers to the online scammers they are the worst and they all suck and need to go to hell. These lowlife pieces of shit almost got me last week with an NFT Scam but luckily I caught on to their bullshit pretty fast and reported them right away. I hope they get shut down soon because they are still active as of writing this post. So help everyone out by reporting them also by any means possible to you.

I’m not an expert on Crypto and NFT but I’ve been investing enough in crypto to spot the bad ones out there so that’s why this one sent out red flags the more I tried to work with them.

What was the NFT Scam that almost got me?

NFT Scam scam site nft art finance scam

The scammers are operating an NFT art scam website under the URL and have the site description under RTFKT which I am now pretty sure is that they aren’t affiliated with them at all. I am only including the links here to the site so you can see it for yourself, but I highly recommend that if you do, leave it as soon as you can because I cannot guarantee that it is safe to even be on. Or you can click on the above image to embiggen it to get a better view.

How was I almost scammed by this NFT Scam?

Well, if you have been a frequent visitor to my blog you would already know that I not only post opinion pieces and rants here, but I also post reviews on brands that contact me to review their product or service. In doing so I get compensated in either cash, free stuff, or both. A lot of these reviews are done through Intellifluence (sign up here if you would like to make money blogging) and NFT Girls sent me a pitch.

The pitch was offering me $5,000 to do a YouTube video review on their NFT Scam site. At first, I was, wow! OK! So I accepted their pitch and then they contacted me with their instructions and the URL they want me to review. In the instructions, they asked me to connect my crypto wallet to their website in order for me to access their NFT Generator. That was red flag number one.

So I was like, “Okaaaaay?” but it just so happens that I actually have an empty crypto wallet with nothing on it. So I went ahead and connected the empty wallet that also didn’t have any info on it for them to access. Once it was connected, it booted me out and kept requesting to reconnect the wallet, but the wallet itself was saying it was actually still connected. Red flag number 2.

I contacted the scammers telling them it keeps asking me to reconnect, but they never replied back. This was just moments after they sent me their instructions and we were corresponding back and forth quickly before I attempted to connect my crypto wallet. But as soon as it was connected they went silent and didn’t reply to me. Red flag number 3.

NFT scam

Hmm, OK. This is really getting shady so I did a quick Google search ‘ scam‘ and poof, there are a few hits. At that moment my suspicions were confirmed. This is a fregging NFT Scam!

The NFT Scam was listed on indicating that the site is already suspicious even after it has only been live for one month (as of this post) and the Owner who contacted me claimed they were in the US, but the site is actually in Russia. The server of this website is based in a hosting center in a country that is marked as being high-risk. This means that the country is listed by the International Banking Federation as having a high level of fraud and corruption. Red flag number 4.

The NFT Scam site was also listed on CHAINABUSE and there are reports by other users on the site, myself included now. All were reported within one month of the scam site being active. That’s red flag number 5.


nft scam

When in doubt, check it out. I had a feeling This was an NFT Scam from the start when they offered $5K for a YouTube channel that has just over 3.27K subscribers when actual legitimate offers for reviews run between $300-$500 each. Although I knew it might be an NFT Scam, I still wanted to give the benefit of the doubt. Thankfully I did it safely by using a dead crypto wallet.

If you think you would like to get into Crypto and NFT Investments, I recommend educating yourself before you start spending your money. Learn about NFT Fundamentals and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals. 101 Blockchains is a great place to start if you feel like you would like to join in and invest in the crypto world of digital currencies.

This NFT Scam is still operating (as of this post) and hopefully, enough people report them to get them to shut down. These NFT scam places can only operate if they are allowed to and only when people start reporting them will they get shut down. I’ve already done what I can by reporting the NFT scam on the sites I’ve already mentioned and also this post, but this won’t be enough unless you do your part to report NFT scam sites also.

Hit them where it hurts! Their wallet!


Intellifluence contacted me to let me know that after I reported them and when they saw this post they took care of the scammer on their end. The following is the e-mail verbatim. Good to know that they take these things seriously.

Mac’s Opinion

We want to thank you for bringing the issue regarding the brand NFTGirls to our attention via your blog post.

Based on the information you provided, we investigated the brand and determined that they violated our Terms of Service. As a result, we have permanently banned the brand and user from our platform.

We also determined they contacted you off-platform, as we require all correspondence to take place using Intellifluence. If a brand is pitching a cash offer, it must be backed up by tangible currency in USD, as Intellifluence facilitates all cash payments that are backed by the Intellifluence Promise. We want you and your readers to have full confidence in our platform, so know that you are never at risk of being scammed when you accept a cash pitch backed by the Intellifluence Promise. If you ever encounter an off-platform solicitation from a brand using Intellifluence again, please contact our customer service and we will promptly investigate.



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confirmed it’s a scam using!
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