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Activists rappel off Oregon bridge to stop Shell icebreaker

Now these guys are bad-ass Activists! 

Environmental activists rappelled off Portland’s tallest bridge early Wednesday in an effort to stop a Shell Oil Arctic icebreaker from leaving the city.

Take note all you Facebook, Google+, and all you other Social Media using wanna-be activists. This is effective – getting out there and actually doing something, but posting a picture and hoping somebody else will do something is not.

I’ll admit to posting a few comments on-line expressing my concern over a hot topic issue and signing a few on-line petitions, but I don’t recall ever posting a “Don’t Do That” or “Do Something About It” picture and not bothering to do it myself. I’m not a hypocrite.

I also wouldn’t have the balls to do what these people are doing. And I commend them!

Are you an out there and do it Activist, or are you a sit in the chair and post pictures on-line activist? Post your answers in the comments below.

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