Russia Nuclear War
Should we be worried about WW3 with nuclear threats from Russia?

Are the nuclear threats from Russia going to start WW3?

nuclear threats from Russia

So, is it just me or is this whole “Don’t panic” attitude around the threats of nuclear attack by Russia on Ukraine seem a bit too relaxed considering how nuclear weapons are known to cause fallout to drift wherever the wind blows?

Is Vladimir Putin screwed up enough in the head to actually press the proverbial red button and cause World War III to happen? Are the news outlets just hyping the nuclear threats from Russia just to get eyes on their shows and articles?

Sources say that Putin would resort to tactical nuclear weapons first if he has to. Tactical nuclear weapons are much smaller than the strategic long-range warheads designed to destroy entire cities, but the power is relative—the largest tactical weapons can be as big as 100 kilotons (1 kiloton equals 1,000 tons of TNT)—the bomb the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima was 15 kilotons—and they can still be devastating.

The impact of a nuclear strike depends a lot on what type of weapon would be used, how and where it is used and the conditions at the time, but even a low-yield nuclear bomb could have ever far-reaching consequences, with radiation from the blast causing long-term health problems for survivors and radioactive fallout contaminating all of the environment and even a possibility of drifting across Europe and Asia.

Radioactive fallout is a very poor way to make the kind of statement Putin would want to make and could possibly backfire by drifting over Russia and uniting people and nations against them, so Moscow would probably use a weapon designed to minimize fallout.

On many fronts, Putin is under pressure. The more desperate he becomes the more he feels threatened and acts defensively, and the more likely it becomes that a nuclear weapon is used. So nuclear threats from Russia should really be taken more seriously wouldn’t you think?

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The nuclear threats from Russia should be taken seriously by everyone around the globe. Radioactive fallout can drift in the atmosphere for extreme distances and be carried by the jet stream around the globe. I know this because my father worked in Nuclear Defence and I heard him say this a bunch of times whenever idiots like Putin threatened nuclear attacks.

Where do you stand on this whole topic? Does nuclear threats from Russia concern you? Post your answers in the comments below.

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