Guest Posters
Join our opinions blogging community as guest posters and showcase your creative writing skills by sharing your personal opinions on various topics. Get exposure and a chance to link back to your own blog or website.

WANTED: Guest posters

Guest posters

Are you a creative writer with a unique personal opinion? Join our opinions blogging community and get a chance to guest post on our platform. Gain exposure and receive a link back to your website or blog. Submit your application now!

You may have noticed that our posts have started to slow down over the past month or so. That’s mainly because everyone behind the scenes here at Mac’s Opinion has been busy with personal things and their full-time jobs. Also, with warmer weather we all like to do things out in the great outdoors while we can before we’re all cooped up inside our homes in the winter again. So that’s why we’re seeking guest posters to welcome to our club.

Rules & Qualifications:

  • All guest posters must have good spelling and grammar in their articles
  • All posts should be a minimum of 600 words
  • Knowing how to use SEO Keywords and meta descriptions would be an asset. We can help if needed. We also use RankMath SEO that Guest Posters would have access to.
  • No hate-related articles. Rants are fine, but cannot be hurtful to any single person or group. Examples would be saying all white people are racists (not allowed) Vs. Are all white people racists? (border lining it but would be allowed.)
  • No spam articles directing readers to spammy websites.
  • No adult-only content.
  • No plagiarism.
  • No use of copyrighted material of any kind.

This list is subject to change as this is new to us and we’re sure we’ll probably have to update that sometime down the road as we all learn how to do this together.

Guest posters are welcome and encouraged to include their own images within their posts, but the moderation team would prefer to manage all Post Features and Header images. The moderators will also review all posts before they get published live.

I would recommend that all guest posters submit a pitch to the site moderators before writing the entire article. Most likely it will be accepted, but chances are there might be something that doesn’t fit the niche of the site, which is saying a lot since a lot of the posts that are up now cover a variety of topics. LOL!

Fill out the form below and tell us why you would like to become a guest poster and a link to your current site if you have one.


Guest posters

If we just happen to get flooded with requests from people wanting to be guest posters, we will be looking for creativity, personality, and past blogging experiences. Although it’s not necessary to already have a blog or use another platform to write your opinions on, if you do we will be reviewing your past work.

If you are wondering if you will get paid for posting here, unfortunately, the income generated through AdSense is only enough for a couple of boxes of beer to keep the moderators happy. So no, you will not be getting paid. You’ll be getting a link back to your blog or social media profile of your choice which will give you exposure. Plus you’ll have more friends!

We all hope you consider submitting a request so we can grow this community together.

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