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OK, so. This little Giger kitty here on the left got our hearts and we wanted to adopt it. It was available for adoption by an outfit called CARMA Fredericton. They apparently rescue stray cats and put them in foster homes until they are ready for adoption.

So we filled out their insane adoption form (seriously, this form asked the strangest questions about 3/4 of the way through, but we answered them anyhow.) and sent it in.

The next day we got a reply and were asked the same questions we had already answered on the form. They were really focused on us letting the cat out on a leash in the summertime when we spend the day out on the patio during the nice weather. I don’t really see the problem with letting a cat outside to get some air and feel some grass on its paws, all while having a close eye on them. We would use a leash and harness if the cat seemed as if it might take off on us. We didn’t say we definitely would use a leash, we didn’t know if we would have to because we don’t have the cat with us yet.

I’ve had two cats that loved to go out and play on the grassy lawn. There were days you didn’t need a leash, and there were days that you did because they felt adventurous. There was never an issue with that. EVER.

Then they asked why the male shi-Tzu wasn’t neutered. We told them because it’s an adopted dog and when it was adopted it was the only pet in the house. There wasn’t a need. It is a house pet. The only time it goes out is on a leash to go to the bathroom.

Anyway, this is their final decision we got in an e-mail.
I have discussed your application and your answers to my questions with the Director of CARMA Fredericton’s Foster/Adoption Program, and after careful review and consideration, it has unfortunately been decided that we are unable to approve your application to adopt a cat/kitten from CARMA Fredericton.  
We based this decision on the fact that you had an unneutered dog in your household and the reason for the same was not related to medical issues preventing the dog from being neutered.  CARMA Fredericton has a policy that we are unable to approve applications where the potential adopter had or has an unneutered or spayed pet. We only approve these circumstances when there is a legitimate reason for not having the pet spayed/neutered, including, but not limited to: the age of the pet (too young); the size of the pet (too small or two large to safely be completed); or a medical condition that makes the spaying/neutering too dangerous for the pet.
Further, we have also determined that we cannot approve your application as you intend to take the new cat out on a leash. Due to the history of CARMA Fredericton cats, including being born outside and having to fight to survive, CARMA Fredericton cats are not suited for the outdoor life even on a leash or supervised in a fenced in yard, in a garden, in a barn, or on a deck or balcony as it causes them stress and anxiety.  Even for the ones who show an interest, once outside, they are willing to injure themselves to get loose and run off including climbing over fences, jumping off of decks etc.  
CARMA Fredericton does wish you well with regard to your quest to find a feline family member.
OK, so. We weren’t aware of the no leash policy. And quite frankly, I think it’s an insane policy. Sure if the cat doesn’t want to be outside, then we wouldn’t take it outside for crying out loud!!!! And one HUGE thing that I don’t understand why this policy would even apply to a Kitten who was rescued before it even had its eyes open and never really had to fend for itself outside at all in the first place. Their reasons would only apply to a grown cat.
And about the dog. So what if it’s not neutered! It’s not like the dog would try and mate with the cat! Also, the dog stands 6 inches off the ground and is old. There is no humpy bumpy we can see in his near future. Unless they got viagra for dogs it ain’t happening.
This is sad because Kitten would have had a loving home to grow up in and live out a very long life being happy and well taken care of. Just like ALL the pets that are and have lived with us. I’ve had two cats that were loved and well taken care of and passed away naturally after a full, healthy, loving, and happy life.
This pisses me off so much because the Kitten would have actually been taken care of and we get rejected on idiotic terms. Yet I see people with pets all around that really shouldn’t at all. Where is the f**cing logic in that?

This kind of rejection is hard not to take personal, and yeah, I’m pissed off about it.

These idiotic reasons as to why we can’t adopt are so insanely stupid! CARMA Fredericton lost a great loving home for one of their orphaned Kittens over these moronic reasons.

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