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When I set up the A/C, it gets cold; drag out the snowblower, no snow. It’s like I'm a jinx! Preparing feels like planning a party no one shows up to.

Why does preparing seem like a waste of time?

Somebody check in on Mother Nature—she’s definitely on something! Last week, the temperature shot up to 30°C, so I broke down and installed the Air Conditioner. I mean, it was way too hot to be lazing around on the couch playing video games. But wouldn’t you know it? As soon as I did, the weather pulled a 180 and went from sizzling to freezing. I swear, it’s like I jinx the weather every time I set up the A/C. Maybe Mother Nature just loves messing with me!

It’s always the same story with everything, isn’t it? Take snow blowers, for example. The moment I drag that beast out for the season, it’s like I scare away the snow gods—no heavy snowfall in sight! Or that time I splurged on a shiny new electric shovel for the patio? Used it precisely once. But the second I procrastinate on these things, we’re under an avalanche of snow. And don’t even get me started on the fiasco of storing the snowblower after winter—it virtually guarantees a nor’easter will show up just to mock me. Back to the garage I go, grumbling all the way, to take out the snow-clearing contraption again.

All this prepping for an event seems to just jinx everything, doesn’t it? It’s like getting ready for a house party, and you end up sitting there staring at your cat because nobody even bothered to show up. Or when there’s a potential storm on the way, and you get the generator all set up for power outages, only to have the lights stay on the whole time. It’s like the universe nudges and says, “Nice try, buddy!”

And speaking of generators… Remember the dark ages when a slight breeze would knock the power out? Picture it: you’re deeply engrossed in a video game, battling the big boss, and poof—a total blackout. This was our regular mishap until I got savvy and invested in a generator. With my trusty generator, power outages became as rare as a polite internet comment. But I bet if I sold it, chucked it out, or forgot to fuel it up, the power would resume its vanishing act quicker than you can say “game over.”

There must be a name for this. Perpetually preparing for something that never happens. I’m pretty sure the term exists but my Google search skills are failing me—maybe they’re perpetually preparing too! If you know what it is, let’s hear it in the comment section below.

I totally get that being prepared is smart and all, but planning for stuff that never happens feels like organizing a party that no one shows up to. But you know if I just throw in the towel and relax, that’s when the universe decides to pull a surprise inspection. It’s like the ultimate prank, “damned if you do and damned if you don’t,” right?

preparing for nothing

So, that’s probably why I’ll never win the lottery—because I keep buying tickets all the time! They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Maybe there’s some truth to that when it comes to lottery tickets. I always think that the next ticket is going to be the lucky one, but it never is.

Perhaps the trick is to just not prepare and leave it all to sheer dumb luck. After all, the odds are astronomical, and no amount of strategy will really increase my chances significantly. Maybe if I stop trying so hard and just let the universe decide, I might have a better shot. Or who knows, maybe my luck will stay the same, but at least I’ll save some money on all those tickets!

But hey, enough about my never-ending saga of jinxes and foiled preparations. I’d love to hear about your experiences. Have any of you faced similar perpetual planning situations? And does anyone actually know the term for this whole “preparing for nothing” phenomenon? Drop your thoughts and stories in the comments below. Let’s bond over our shared exasperation and maybe, just maybe, figure out this cosmic joke together!

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