Walrus Killed Feature
People are disgusting and Stupid. This is why I cannot stand people.
Freya the Walrus

People are disgusting and stupid and this is why I hate people.

People Are Disgusting

Death by selfie is what I call this heinous crime against nature all because people are disgusting and they just had to get that selfie with Faya the walrus despite authorities issuing warnings to stay away from the wild animal.

Norwegian authorities have announced the euthanasia of a famous female walrus, affectionately nicknamed Freya after the Norse goddess of beauty. Freya the walrus, a protected species, captured public attention after being continually spotted lounging on small boats in the Oslo Fjord, with her enormous 600-kilogram (1,320-pound) weight often causing them to sink.

Oslo residents had been warned not to get too close to the massive marine mammal. However, those warnings were ignored because people are disgusting and stupid.

According to the BBC, Oslo Police were forced to block off a bathing area after our chunky goddess chased a stupid and selfish woman into the water.

Norway’s fisheries ministry released a photo last week of a large group of idiots, including children, that were standing close enough to touch the gigantic animal. Because People are disgusting and stupid.

Walrus Killed Feature

The Backlash

Twitter user Phil Demers, an activist against the mistreatment of walruses, described the event as “Abhorrent and unforgivable”, stating the behavior of the crowds provided the largest threat.

Photographer Greg Sheard shared his images of Freya, alongside a post blaming Freya’s untimely death on the decisions of Norwegian authorities.

In several Tweets posted by Blue Planet Society, a Marine Conservation Activist group, the blame was pinned purely on the decision of authorities to euthanize Freya, claiming the “fear for public safety” was a mere red herring.

In response to the decision to euthanize Freya, many have raised the comparison to Wally the walrus, who found fame in 2021 by traveling around Europe and napping on a number of docked vessels. Some areas had purpose-built pontoons for Wally to rest without disturbing private property and to keep him out of reach of idiots because people are disgusting and selfish. Despite being larger and potentially more dangerous than Freya, Wally was allowed to continue his sleepy tour without a threat to his life.

Why did they kill Freya then? Because people are disgusting and stupid!

What has happened to the gene pool?

People are disgusting and stupid to the point that I don’t think we’re going to make it as a species. The world is falling apart at the seams! Nobody has any respect for another or the very creatures we share this planet with.

I can’t get how people are disgusting to the point of killing a living creature instead of giving out heavy fines to the idiots who violated Freya’s personal space. People are disgusting and stupid, have I made that point clear to you yet? People are disgusting and stupid and selfish all because of bad parenting in my opinion.

I’ve noticed how youth these days are so disrespectful to their parents that they grow up to be disgusting people. Instead of disciplining their child, they grow up being disgusting people and completely selfish.


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I’m gonna say it one more time. People are disgusting and selfish. Parents need to raise their spawn a lot better than they are. They need to focus on teaching the ways of respect and kindness.

Because of disgusting and selfish people an innocent animal was murdered because these disgusting people put themselves in danger.

We need to remove all warning labels from everything and just let nature takes its course. Cleanse out the gene pool. Are you with me?

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