This is my puppy dog, Katie. She likes her treats and will give you the prettiest smile in order to get one. In the video, I’m trying to get the best smile she can give. Try not to smile while watching this, I dare you. LOL. 

She likes her Milk-Bone treats and her ice-cream sandwiches. Also likes when she gets her dental bone for her bad breath.



Yes, that is a bark collar in the first part of the video. Some people will say that it is cruel, but it really isn’t. What is cruel is letting your dog bark it’s head off disturbing the neighborhood resulting in the dog having to be given up and taken away from family because you let your dog bark so much that the landlord demanded you get rid of it. I’ve only had to use the shock function ONCE, and other times just the vibration or sound mode. Just putting it on now makes her behave, even when the batteries are dead.

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