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During Queen Elizabeth II's death and funeral, not everyone mourned or really cares.

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Angers Some.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

The world lost an icon when Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, 2022. The monarch was 96 years old and had been the reigning queen for nearly seven decades. Her funeral was held on September 19, 2022, and was a sad affair befitting her stature. While most of the world mourned her passing, some people were angry over the queen’s funeral.

Others were angry because the funeral was held in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, which is a private venue. This means that only a select few people were able to attend the funeral in person. The rest of the world had to watch it on television. Some people feel that the queen’s funeral should have been held in a more public venue so that everyone could have had the opportunity to pay their respects.

Regardless of the anger that some people feel, the queen’s funeral was a beautiful and fitting tribute to a woman who dedicated her life to public service. She will be missed by many, but her legacy will live on forever.

What’s Mac’s Opinion On This Whole Thing?

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Well, I briefly mentioned my feeling on the whole thing yesterday. I’m sure Queen Elizabeth II was a nice old lady, but DAM! Did they have her on ice for 11 days or something while they paraded her all over the place? She’s dead, let her rest in peace!

People lined up for miles to view her casket, not her, but her casket. A lineup that was literally visible from space! Her sheeple either really loved her or they’re just there because everybody else is doing it. I know you wouldn’t see me standing in a lineup for hours on end just to see a flag-covered box.

The media is still reporting a gosh darn rainbow that appeared to appear over Buckingham Palace when the Queen didn’t even actually pass away there. Queen Elizabeth II passed away in Balmoral Castle which is located in Scotland. You’d think the rainbow would have appeared over there and that might have been actually more symbolic. Sheeple making something out of nothing.

Here in Canada, the government made this a holiday which closed most government operations and schools. Leaving working parents to scramble for daycare accommodations, some of who can’t really afford to pay these types of expenses. Hospitals had to reschedule patients for things like Chemo treatments, hip surgeries, and so on. Things that people waited months and months and even years to get done have been told they’ll have to wait longer because the phucking Queen died!



Queen Elizabeth II is a person who I didn’t really pay much attention to when she was alive, let alone dead. I actually think the whole monarchy is a sham and should be disbanded. But the Brits seem to like it, so let them. But when it controls sheeple the way the funeral did, I think it’s ridiculous and how the government shut down putting a lot of people out is unnecessary.

No disrespect, but if the Queen’s funeral causes somebody to miss their Chemo treatments while they parade her dead carcass around the countryside for the sheeple to catch a glimpse of her coffin, that’s crossing the line between common sense and morality.

What are your thought on this whole Queen Elizabeth II death and funeral and all the fuss surrounding it?

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