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Is it just me or are the Reddit mods power trips getting way out of hand? I can't even share a post without a Mod deleting it because THEY don't like it.

The Reddit mods power trips are killing the platform

reddit mods power trip

Can you believe how bad the Reddit mods power trips are getting lately? This isn’t actually something that is new, it’s just new to me because I have been experiencing how fat their heads are getting firsthand with my posts being deleted all the time.

I’ve been on Reddit for over 10 years but just recently started posting my articles to relevant Reddit Threads and only to have a Mod delete my post because THEY don’t like it, even though there were 20+or more thumbs up and thousands of views.

Are you serious right now?


One of the posts that got deleted by a power tripping Reddit mod was a funny one that I posted in the comedy threads of Reddit. It received a lot of Reddit votes and comments. It got so many good votes and comments so what was the problem?

So I messaged the rude mods Reddit deleted messages asking why. And this Idiot claims that it isn’t the type of content for the thread. I’m like, “WTF?” It’s a cartoon from when Peter Griffin from Family guy made fun of the time that Christian Bale had a meltdown on set?

How is that not funny content for a comedy thread?

I see I’m not the only one.

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If you do a simple Google search for “Reddit mods power trip” you’ll be flooded with results and the comments so far on Reddit pretty much back everything I have gone through also.

If all these people are noticing this problem, then why aren’t the Admins of the Site doing anything about it?

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