Reddit Trolls
Reddit trolls are everywhere, what's up with that? It is impossible to post anything without a troll chiming in and causing problems.
Reddit Trolls
Reddit Trolls

Reddit trolls are everywhere, what’s up with that?

fu to reddit trolls
Reddit Trolls

To all of you Reddit trolls, this is a big FU. I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve at all. If the goal is to enrage people, it is accomplished. But does it help them rub one out if they have to irritate people in the first place?

Every time we publish a new article here, we share it on all of our social media platforms to drive traffic to the website. Reddit is the platform we’ve been using for this because it drives the most traffic to the site and offers the most effective ways to reach particular audiences who are genuinely interested in the topics we post about.

Sadly, Trolls are another issue on Reddit, who practically take over your subreddit post with their rude comments. Completely veering off the intended topic of the initial post. I swear these subhuman sh*theads all live in their mothers’ basements, munching on Cheetos and troll-posting while playing with their orange-colored peckers.

The Trolls of Reddit have no signs of intelligence

We published a Caturday post with a number of pictures on Funny Cats last Saturday. When we posted the article on Reddit, the Reddit trolls weren’t able to let it go. They never, in fact, comment on the posts’ subjects, which is a problem. They directly criticize us by saying things like, “Your website stinks. “, “This OP is an idiot,” and “This OP uses those idiotic Bitmoji characters. “.

We know that if we engage, that will feed their perversion so we just block them. Perhaps they don’t like cats. Unfortunately, when other trolls join in, the entire post turns into an OP-bashing thread, which completely defeats the point of the Reddit post. Then Downvotes begin to appear as trolls form an orgy of orange-colored dick abuse and their mother yells down the stairs, asking them if they want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with their Cheetos.

Maybe they need a hug

Maybe this is a Reddit Trolls way to lash out because they didn’t get enough hugs as kids, or maybe it’s because they never felt enough love from their Daddy. Perhaps we won’t find out. I once asked a troll why they were being such a jerk, but they never responded with an explanation. As a result, it appears that if you ask them a personal question, they will clam up out of shyness around real-world social situations.



Everyone is free to express their opinions, so it’s fine with us if a Redditor disagrees with a topic of the content we post here and comments on it. In fact, it actually sparks an intellectual conversation and back-and-forth debates about the original post. Not simply a generic “You Suck. ” remark, the sort that those stupid Reddit trolls will spout.

It’s a shame there wasn’t a way to deal with trolls. If you had a way to deal with a troll hiding behind their keyboard, just imagine what it would be like. If there was, I’m willing to bet that the number of online trolls would drastically decrease. Realizing they cannot remain anonymous or hide behind their computer screens.

The adage “If you can’t say something nice then shut the f**k up” is often used to describe why people cannot simply be respectful. “, or a phrase that sounds similar. Too bad Reddit didn’t have a feature that allowed users to click on a button that would flag a Reddit troll’s comment and if a troll gets a certain number of clicks they get suspended for a set amount of time. If that existed, I bet people would be more considerate in their remarks.

Have you had an encounter with those Reddit Trolls? Do you simply ignore them, or do you go all-out nuclear on them? Post your answers in the comments below.

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