Refugee Chocolatier Plans To Hire 50 Refugees by 2022 – Discrimination?

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Just read this article and amazed the Canadian Labour board isn’t throwing fines of discrimination in his face.

It nice that he wants to help other refugees, but isn’t this actually Discrimination towards Canadians in need of work? And the article says he wanted to help/give back to the community that helped him. How is hiring Refugees and not those in the community giving back?
Maybe he wants to hire 50 refugees in the next 3 years in ADDITION to hiring Canadians? I hope the latter is what is the truth and Media left that part out. Otherwise, this is blatant Discrimination, and I believe is also against Labour Laws.

I get there will be some haters jumping on their soapbox and going off at the keyboards, but have at it. I don’t care. With all this bullcrap about equality, how can you exclude a whole group and still get away with breaking labour laws? Everybody is so PC that nobody wants to break a few eggshells, so they just keep tippy-toeing around these types of issues. Makes me sick!

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