Search Engine debacle
Why wrangle with Google's SEO chaos when Bing's search engine refreshing interface, rewarding program, and relevant results make it a no-brainer? Plus, Bing's customer support actually feels, well, human! Google who?

Search Engine debacle

  • Bing Search Engine
  • Bing Search Engine

Why do I even bother to try and jump through all the SEO hoops to get better placement on Google Search when I get better results with Bing doing way less? Between these two search engines, I like Bing better and better each day. So let’s go over some things that make me feel this way.

Firstly, Bing’s interface is like a breath of fresh air. Have you seen their homepage? It’s like National Geographic set up shop on my screen with those stunning daily images. Who knew I’d get my daily dose of wow while searching for cat memes?

Microsoft rewards with Bing

Secondly, Bing Rewards is like the frequent flyer program of the search engine world. Use Bing and rack up points? Yes, please! It’s like being paid to procrastinate. Take that, Google!

Furthermore, let’s not forget Bing’s knack for relevant results. While Google is busy drowning me in sponsored content, Bing’s algorithm is like a bloodhound for exactly what I need. Niche information? Check. Less commercialization? Double-check. And all that without turning me into an SEO wizard.

Additionally, Bing and Microsoft services go together like peanut butter and jelly. The whole experience is so seamless, it’s like they were made for each other. Office 365 and Outlook just click with Bing, making my life easier and my searches smarter.

Lastly, Bing’s customer support is like having your own personal search therapist. They’re responsive, helpful, and actually human. If only all tech support could be like this—not an endless loop of “Press 1 for more frustration.”

In summary, Bing’s dazzling interface, addictive rewards, pinpoint search results, perfect integration with Microsoft services, and top-notch customer support make it hands down my first pick over Google Search. Google who?

Top Search Engine Referral To This Site

Top search engine referral
2 Month stats for search engine referrals

We get nearly double the amount of referrals from Bing than we do from Google. Look how even is about to surpass Google! Google is really falling behind in the search engine world, don’t you think? There was a time when Google was the top search engine referral to our websites, but now, not so much.

I should mention that we get a lot of referrals from other websites also. Based on the past 2 months’ stats Reddit brought us over 8K in referrals, Facebook 981, and Medium 657. And even those are giving us more referrals than Google! Plus there are hundreds of other URLs that have linked back to us and also outdo Google in referrals. So why does everyone still think that Google is what we need to do all the SEO for? To me, Google search is outdated and filled with paid placements.

Google is not doing so well

Referral stats aside, Google’s new AI integration isn’t doing so very well. It’s failing so badly that people are posting their interactions with Google Search AI and it doesn’t look good. Funny for me, but terrible for Google.

  • Smoke during pregnancy
  • A very tall guy!
  • Go jump off a bridge

If you thought those Google search engine results were funny, then you can see more over at deMILKED. The number of bad suggestions from Google’s AI search is staggering. But here’s the outrageous part: Google is shamelessly ripping content directly from other websites! It’s stealing traffic and siphoning revenue away from the very sites that created the content in the first place.

Another reason to reconsider using Google. Why invest effort in getting your site indexed on Google when your content may be appropriated, along with losing any potential referrals from Google to your website? Think carefully about your options regarding Google.

Bing rewards its users

Bing Rewards

Using for my search engine also gives me Microsoft rewards. I just cashed out a bunch of points to enter a contest for a substantial amount of money. While the chances of winning might be slim, it’s still better than what I get from Google. Additionally, I use several Microsoft features for this site like Copilot, Designer, and a few others. These reward points can be used in various ways to enhance my experience, whether by speeding up a process, getting priority, or generating better images with AI.

Honestly, Bing’s search results are like a breath of fresh air. There is no need to wade through the swamp of paid placements like on Google, where the search results are as relevant as pineapples in a hardware store!

With the IndexNow Plugin installed on my WordPress site, I don’t even have to submit the URL to Bing manually—it’s done automatically by the plugin. Plus, it’s free and the indexing is immediate. It is a hell of a lot easier jumping through SEO hoops to get Google to even look at you. I have another plugin that automatically indexes to Google but Google is slow and by the time it gets indexed the topic is old and out of date. Or Google rejects it for some stupid reason.


Search Engine Debacle Conclusion

Navigating the treacherous waters of search engines can feel like an Odyssey, and I’ve found my safe harbour in Bing. While Google once stood tall and mighty, it seems like David has finally met Goliath; who knew it would be Bing who slung the stone? From an eye-pleasing interface to rewarding procrastination (ahem, research) and precise results unclouded by commercialization, Bing has got my vote. Not to mention, Bing’s customer support actually makes me feel like I’m interacting with an empathetic human rather than a confused robot (looking at you, Google AI).

So, my internet-savvy comrades, let’s turn this into an open forum! Tell me, what are your thoughts on my love affair with Bing? Do you find solace in its rewards and relevancy, or do you still hold a torch for Google? Or perhaps, you’re venturing down the path less traveled with another search engine? Spill the tea in the comments below—I’m eager to hear your stories and debates!

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