Summer Sanctuary: The Amazing Chronicles of Our Garden and Patio Refresh

Summer Sanctuary: The Amazing Chronicles of Our Garden and Patio Refresh

Brace yourselves for summer shenanigans: our garden transforms from mundane to magnificent, flaunting tomatoes, peppers, and BBQ delights, urging neighbors to envy our blossoming, beer-infused, bougie backyard paradise. How's your summer comparing?

Getting ready for summer!

And so the saga unfolds! The season’s kickoff involved a heroic yard cleanup and the great migration of our outdoor flowers and veggies to their summer estates. The gazebo now sports a brand new top, transforming our patio into a lounge-worthy haven. Here’s to enjoying the balmy summer breezes while nursing a frosty beer—because hydration is key!

Summer Patio
Summer Patio

There’s still plenty of delightful work to be done, such as sprucing up the patio stones and storing the winter tarps. Let’s hang the patio lanterns! It may not be the Taj Mahal, but it’s our cherished little oasis.

We’re thrilled to announce that all of our tomato plants have found new homes—what a success! It’s delightful to see so many budding garden enthusiasts. While we anticipated similar enthusiasm for our Jalapeno plants, there are still some waiting to be picked. It’s just a matter of time before they too are snapped up by eager gardeners ready for a bit of spice!

Every single Green Pepper has flown off the shelves, leaving just a scant few King Arthur peppers clinging on. It seems I’ll have to slash prices yet again, just to clear out the remnants before they outgrow their nursery pots. Honestly, it’s baffling how everyone turns into a penny-pincher, utterly blind to the labour and love poured into nurturing these plants.

Tomato and peppers
Our personal batch of tomatoes and peppers

Our personal veggie crew of tomatoes and peppers have gone upscale this year—no more cramped greenhouse living for them! We’ve upgraded their lifestyle to posh pots. These fancy digs aren’t just for looks; they make playing hide and seek with those sneaky tomatoes and elusive peppers a whole lot easier at harvest time. And talk about VIP treatment—when the frost starts to bite, it’s back to the greenhouse they go to extend their spa days well into winter. We’ll still be plucking peppers and tomatoes long after the snow decides to crash the party!

Front yard
Frond yard flower pots

Currently, the appearance may seem modest, but as the flower pots begin to bloom, the aesthetic enhancement will be substantial. Beyond beautifying the area, these flower pots serve an additional practical function by deterring careless drivers from encroaching upon our front lawn. Indeed, it is a necessary measure to prevent vehicles from thoughtlessly driving over the grass while attempting to maneuver or turn around.

Yup, even more flowers
Yup, even more flowers

It’s only the beginning of the season, and I can’t wait to see our yard transform into a vibrant oasis as everything comes into full bloom. The excitement of getting outdoors after a long winter indoors is truly uplifting! Although there’s some weeding and planting left to do, the joy and beauty that await us make it all incredibly worthwhile.

Pansy pots
Pots of pansies

This wall hanger is sure to be stunning with the vibrant blossoms of the pansies set against its rustic backdrop. We are thrilled to share that we have about a dozen pansy pots, soon ready for sale!

We’re buzzing with excitement to post again once everything bursts into bloom and the bees are having a nectar feast!

Mulberry bush and olive tree
Mulberry bush and olive tree

Nestled among the verdant hostas, behold our unruly mulberry bush and the dignified olive tree holding court. This botanical bash is dominated by hostas, who are apparently quite busy making babies—we’re planning on selling these leafy offspring in the upcoming seasons!

BBQ Pork

And what’s a summer without the sacred ritual of barbeque? I slow-cooked a chunk of pork to such perfection that if you were anywhere near our yard, you’d be floating towards the grill, cartoon-style, lured by the heavenly whiff like a character enchanted by the scent of Granny’s hot apple pie.


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And there you have it—a sneak peek into our little slice of paradise and a sniff of BBQ goodness that could probably be considered a neighbourly fragrance! We’ve drawn up all the unwritten laws of summer enjoyment right here in our backyard.

So, how’s your summer shaping up? Are your tomatoes as cheeky as ours, or is your BBQ game causing neighbourhood envy? We’d love to hear your stories or see your summer snapshots! Drop us a comment below and let us know what tickled your fancy in our post and what you’re most excited about this summer. Who knows, maybe we can swap a few gardening tips or BBQ recipes. Happy summer folks—let the sun in and the good times roll!

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