Survivor 43
Survivor 43 Episode 2 was a wee bit better this time and may have brought me back into it.

Survivor 43 Episode 2 was a wee bit better this time

Survivor 43
Survivor 43

OK, the first thing I want to touch base on is when Mike was trying to use that Hawian Spear. At first, I was cringing and then irritated and then infuriated at the way he was trying to use it. I’ve never used one personally, but I’ve watched enough episodes to know that the way he was trying it wasn’t the right way. What was he doing when watching the show from home? Right?

As far as the episode goes, it wasn’t as bad as last week’s episode, the first half was still focused on the cast’s sob stories. Why is it that they have to focus on some gay person’s story and waste a good portion of the airtime on it instead of the actual game? The fact that he’s gay doesn’t have any bearing on the game. They wasted so much time on it that they only had an immunity challenge and skipped the reward challenge.

Thankfully, the second half of Survivor 43 episode 2 ended up being pretty good and because of that, I may end up sticking with it this season. I was worried there for a bit while watching the first episode. I hope it continues getting back to its original content.


Justine Brennan

“I completely think that people are gonna underestimate me,” she said. “Honestly, that is part of my strategy. I want them to look at me and think ‘she probably doesn’t want to get her hands dirty,’ but I’m a super competitive person. I’ve been an athlete my whole life.”

She’s most excited for the challenges, but is being careful to be withholding about her gameplay so she can “come out as a dark horse near the end.”

I think she may have played that card a bit too hard with the whining and snooty girl act. I would have been irritated by her attitude also, but not a reason to vote a person out. I would have put up with it if it meant a million dollars.


This team is playing so poorly. They voted out an annoying person instead of a weak person who costs them challenges. Nneka is dragging this tribe down and for some reason they keep her. This actually had me hollering at the tv, “What is wrong with these people?!?!?”


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