Survivor 43 Episode 6 Feature
Survivor 43 Episode 6 intensifies when the tribes meet each other at the same camp...


In Survivor 43 Episode 6 everyone scatters into Mergatory.

Survivor 43 Episode 6
Survivor 43 Episode 6

The game intensifies when the tribes finally meet each other at the same camp on Baka beach; castaways scramble and strategize before the tribal council to avoid being the sixth person voted out.

This was an interesting twist on how they merged this time though. They didn’t all just drop their buffs and get a new colored one. The whole tribe was split into two groups and had to compete in a Mergatory Challenge. The winning team got the reward of the merge feast and was safe at the tribal council. The losing team got nothing and was not safe at tribal.

There wasn’t an even number of people so one person was forced to sit out and got to choose what team they would go with, win or lose. The loser was picked by colored rocks, the grey one was the loser and the teams were split into red and blue. Noelle drew the gray rock. The red team was Owen, James, Sami, Cody, Elie, and Cassidy (three Baka, two Coco, and one Vesi). The blue team was Gabler, Ryan, Dwight, Jesse, Jeanine, and Karla (two Baka, two Coco, and two Vesi). Noelle put her stake with the blue team.

In the challenge, you would have thought that Red had it in the bag, but as per usual you can never celebrate until you actually cross the finish line because Blue ended up finishing the puzzle before red.

Karla ended up getting a nasty hand injury that looked really painful as seen by the expression on her face and her body language showed that it didn’t tickle. She was strong and pursued the end of the challenge.

So Gabler, Ryan, Dwight, Jesse, Jeanine, Karla, and Noelle got the reward feast and good ol’ Ryan came up with another one of his brilliant plans and made the pitch that the seven of them become an alliance. Well, the rest of the team just sat there snickering and laughing at him as he made his pitch, they clearly thought his idea was stupid and weren’t going to go along with it. That was a funny moment, I got a good chuckle.

At the feast, Gabler threw Elie under the bus telling everyone there that she went threw his bag and that just stirred the pot and when Elie found out she was on a major quest for damage control. Gabler and Elie were out for each other from there.

So many names were being tossed about it was hard to know who was actually on the chopping block. We had James, Cody, Cassidy, and Elie’s names being tossed out there for the vote. Nobody seems to be on the same page when strategizing. Heck! Even Cassidy had some extra airtime on Survivor 43 Episode 6 people!

Who got voted out on Survivor 43 Episode 6 – The Mergatory?

Elie Survivor 43 Episode 6
Elisabeth “Elie” Scott

Elie plans to use her psychology training to help her play “a really social game,” comparing her strategy to the popular Survivor: Panama contestant Cirie Fields.

“She was super flashy,” Elie said. “She’s a gangster in an Oprah suit, and I think, in a way, I’m a wolf in a Brené Brown suit.”

Well, her Wolf suit cost her the game. She showed her hand too much by over strategizing and the rest of the tribe caught on and saw her as a threat. After the challenge, Elie started playing hard. She tells James and Cassidy that she wants to work with Coco and seemingly tries to place the crosshairs on Cody. But James tells the viewers that he doesn’t trust her. And that’s where it all fell apart for her in my opinion.

So at the tribal council, the results are read and five votes are enough to snuff Elie’s torch. “Y’all see what trusting Gabler will get you?” she says on her way out.

QUESTION: Either Jeff didn’t say or I missed it, is Elie now the first Jury member?

And now, it’s time to vote – POLL

Survivor Season 43
Survivor 43 Episode 6

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