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In Survivor 43 Episode 7 - Knowledge may be power in the game of Survivor, but in some cases, it can also be a death sentence.
Survivor 43 Episode 7


Survivor 43 Episode 7 – The Blindside

Survivor 43 Episode 7
Survivor 43 Episode 7

OK, just to remind you that there is actually a player named Cassidy in this game even though you don’t ever really see her a whole lot. She made her debut last week, LOL!

Another question. What the hell is up with Jame’s voice? He’s starting to sound like one of those throat cancer victims that have to speak through an Electrolarynx.


So to start off with last night’s episode the tribe received tree-mail that morning thinking it was the traditional paint-the-banner art craft segment, but the tree-mail came with a message that they’d compete in pairs, but only one of them would win. The instructions told them to choose their own pairs, but no one was willing to stick their necks out to name the person they’d like to work with and so instead of choosing each other, they all agreed to draw rocks which they painted different colors to randomly select pairs.

I wish they would have stuck with that scene and had close-ups on their faces when they discovered who they were pairing up with. The network’s post-production team lost out on a great opportunity there, I think it would have been very entertaining to see the eye rolls and the ear-to-ear smiles.

The Challenge

In Survivor 43 Episode 7 first individual immunity challenge the obstacle was intense. The first section had players stuck in the twisted rope net that actually looked to be the hardest aside from the final stage. Noelle ended up stuck and couldn’t continue.

James and Ryan were the first pair to finish the first stage, followed by Karla and Cassidy. Owen and Gabler finished the first stage in third place, with Cody and Dwight digging for their planks while Noelle and Jeanine were both stuck in the twisted nets. Cody and Dwight finished, securing their spot to advance.

The second stage required the players to traverse across a rope bridge using just three planks to get across. And it was the end of this stage that I found interesting and that was when James and Ryan were just about to complete the run and almost secure their spot in the next stage of the challenge, James screwed up and bolted on Ryan leaving him trying to collect the planks resulting in him dropping them and making them have to start over.

Ryan just ripped into James for costing him the challenge, especially when they could have made it to the end if James didn’t take off on him. I would have been pissed off also.

In the final round, Owen, Gabler, Cody, and Dwight had to hold the bar keeping a pulley from dropping a bucket. Slowly, Dwight’s bucket began to drop, making it harder for him to keep the pulley from slipping through his hands, and eventually, he couldn’t hold it up any longer and so he was eliminated. After 23 minutes, Owen lost control of his pulley and dropped his bucket as well.

At 24 minutes, Jeff let Gabler and Cody know that the record for the challenge was 25 minutes. As the challenge continued, Gabler began to tell stories about the different people in his life that he was drawing inspiration in order to compete. He ended up mentioning different people minute-by-minute as he kept hanging on beyond 25 minutes and to the 38-minute mark when Cody could no longer hang on and Gabler held on to win individual immunity.

At the well

James was with Sami, Owen, and Dwight at the water well when they found an advantage together. James pulled it out, asking if anyone else wanted it, and they all agreed he should keep it. The note said that there was an advantage hidden under the shelter for anyone brave enough to snatch it. James went and took it and pretty much told everyone that he got it and it was knowledge is power advantage. It’s Survivor 43 Episode 7 and people still haven’t learned that you don’t do that, right?

When word got out that James got an advantage, Noelle continued her campaign to target James as the next one to go. That’s when the names started flying around. Ryan, James, Noelle, and Dwight’s names were all thrown onto the chopping block. The players who had idols and advantages started swapping them around because they knew that James knew that they had them, so if he used his advantage he wouldn’t get anyone else’s idols or advantages.

Jeanine gave her idol to Dwight and the others did the same with other players, not sure who went with who though, they just showed Jeanine and Dwight swap on the show.

So, who got voted out on survivor 43 Episode 7?

Survivor 43 Episode 7 Dwight voted out
In survivor 43 Episode 7 Dwight was Voted out

Dwight has a passion for interviewing people, and in that pursuit, he has spoken with three Secretaries of State and a few senators. He doesn’t want players to think that his being a student at Stanford University will stop him from being able to “work with people from various backgrounds.”

He hopes to play a game that people will admire and emulate in the future.

In survivor 43 Episode 7 Dwight was Voted out and to be honest, I either missed the part where they talked about it, or they didn’t talk about it at all, because I am not sure why they voted him out really. Maybe somebody can enlighten me in the comments below. Also, did Dwight take Jeanine’s idol home with him? And again, no jury members, I thought the ones that got voted out when they merged became jury members. Something good is in the works I think.

So I thought survivor 43 Episode 7 was actually a good episode. You?

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Survivor 43 Episode 7
Survivor 43 Episode 7

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