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Wednesday night on CBS, Jeff Probst officially lit the torch on the 44th season of “Survivor.” This Survivor 44 Episode 1 recap would be interesting. #Survivor44
Survivor 44 Episode 1 teaser
Survivor 44 Episode 1
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Survivor 44 Episode 1 – I Can’t-Wait to See Jeff

Survivor 44

It seems like a little while ago we just finished watching the finale of Survivor Season 43. Well, at least it does for me anyhow. But I’m not complaining that’s for sure. I love this show and can’t believe it’s been 22 years that I’ve been watching this show without missing a single episode.

The kickoff to Survivor 44 Episode 1 started off a little differently with the interview of the Drug Counselor. Does anyone else find that a little weird? Not the opening, but the actual interview, LOL! I think she’s going to either be really annoying or very entertaining.

The Survivor cast

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
Survivor 44 Episode 1

The cast for this season is extremely diverse, as it typically has been over the past few seasons as the woke train gets longer and longer, but this season seems to be back on track to get cast members who actually have personalities and will be entertaining rather than the producers trying to fill the woke positions.

Carolyn Wiger is a cast member who may cause you to either roll your eyes and be annoyed with her, or she may be one of the funniest and most entertaining ones. We’ll have to wait and see.

The events of last night’s Survivor 44 Episode 1 show

The 18 players showed up on the beach divided into their three tribes to meet Jeff for the first time and begin the season with an icebreaker reward challenge. Jeff had the tribes race in pairs to collect six puzzle pieces from the other side of a brief obstacle course during the opening competition. The six pieces would then be put together into a puzzle, and three players would then complete the game by removing three rings from a very high pole.

The first tribe to complete it received their machete, pot, and flint immediately, while the other two tribes had to complete a SWEAT or SAVVY challenge at their camp to obtain theirs. SWEAT and SAVVY would be the options available to the second-place tribe, leaving the last-place tribe with the other choice.

Bruce Perreault injury
Survivor 44 Episode 1

Bruce Perreault broke his head open in the first pair for the purple Tika tribe while diving to escape the mud crawl. Bruce finished his part of the challenge and Jeff asked him to let him know if he needed to stop. After Ratu and Tika, the green Soka tribe was the first to gather all of its pieces.

Bruce collapsed to his knees on the sidelines, and Jeff halted the challenge to call for help, preventing any of the tribe members from making any headway on their puzzles. Bruce was given oxygen and shade by the medical staff, who also monitored his vital signs. Bruce was soon given the all-clear by doctors to sit up and return to the game. The doctor said they would check on him throughout the day, and Jeff called Bruce to restart the challenge.

Tika was the first tribe to complete the puzzle. They sent Carolyn Wiger to the pole to try to flip their first ring up and over the top, but she failed miserably and ultimately cost them the challenge. Soka went on to win the reward challenge, and Ratu came in second.

Later that night, Sarah Wade and the rest of Tika noticed a significant change in Bruce’s energy. Bruce was comforted by Jeff as his vital signs were rechecked and it was determined that he required more in-depth observation at a hospital. Medical was then called back in for another checkup, followed by Jeff’s ominous boat ride in. At that point, Bruce was taken out of the game for medical attention, leaving Tika with just five players left.

Survivor 44 Episode 1 Immunity Challenge

The first immunity test of Survivor 44 Episode 1 kicked off Day 3’s events. This was the first time Soka and Ratu had heard about Bruce being taken out of the game. Everyone was understandably devastated that he was forced to leave the game.

The tribes’ task was to push a bulky chest to shore by wading into the water with their paddles. The tribes would have to work out a huge (and weighty) slide puzzle in order to win one of two chances at immunity after dragging the chest over a ramp. The losing tribe would have to forfeit its flint and appear before the Tribal Council. Ratu put Matthew on the sidelines and substituted Claire for Soka since their tribes had an extra player.

When Brandon finally ran out of steam on the puzzle, he went to find some shade, which prompted Jeff to halt the test. For a third time, the medical staff was called in to give Brandon water and monitor his vital signs. He was exhibiting early dehydration symptoms, the doctor explained, and all he needed to do was rest in the shade and keep drinking water while doing so.

It was decided to let Brandon rest and continue the challenge with Ratu down one player. Soon after, Matt guided Soka to victory as the caller guided the puzzle’s movements. Ratu and Tika continued to battle with just one more chance remaining to gain immunity, but Ratu could not keep up with Tika, who solved their puzzle and won the second immunity.

Survivor 44 Episode 1 Chopping Block

It was challenging to keep up with the rapid-fire exchange of names. Initially, it appeared that everyone else would vote Lauren out, but Lauren and Maddy eventually persuaded Jaime to support Brandon’s removal. It appears that Maddy is in charge, or at least she seems to believe she is.

Who Got Voted Out of Survivor 44 Episode 1?

Maddy Pomilla
Maddy Pomilla – Voted out Survivor 44 Episode 1

The tribe has spoken and Maddy Pomilla was the first cast member to get voted out of Survivor 44.
Age: 28
Hometown: Huntingtown, Md.
Current Residence: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Occupation: Charity Projects Manager
Three Words to Describe Herself: Brave, friendly, feral

I get a kick out of doing things that scare me, or that feel impossible, or that I dreamed of doing as a kid. Survivor checks all of those boxes. I am one of five sisters, and I’m the classic middle child – social, independent, problem–solving. To survive the Pomilla sisters, you gotta be dynamic, and keep up!
I love living in the grey area where anything could happen at any moment, so I’ll coast on chaos and have fun doing it.

I guess I can’t say that the first episode of Survivor 44 was as dull as the premiere of the previous season. Due to injuries, they almost lost two players right away. As it seems they’re more focused on the actual game than on every cast member’s sob story like they did last season, I actually think this season will be really entertaining. I hope so anyway.

Cast your vote on who you would have voted out Survivor 44 Episode 1

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