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Survivor 44 Episode 10 recap. Here's my recap of the show. Who got voted out? And Who broke their word?
Survivor 44 Episode 10
Survivor 44 Episode 10
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Survivor 44 Episode 10 - Who Got Voted Out Of 'Full Tilt Boogie?' - An Amazing Episode! 1

Survivor 44 Episode 10 – Full Tilt Boogie

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Survivor 44 Episode 10

Last night’s Survivor 44 Episode 10 was actually really good. It was so much better than last week. We were treated to both a Rewards challenge and an immunity challenge.

Now, if every episode could be like this, I would be happy. There will be no more confessionals filled with sad stories to pass the time until immunity challenges. Actual gaming-related content as opposed to crybabies lamenting how difficult their lives were back home growing up. In light of the fact that everyone is currently experiencing difficult financial and emotional circumstances.

Survivor 44 Episode 10 Reward Challenge

Survivor 44 Episode 10 Reward Challenge
Survivor 44 Episode 10 - Who Got Voted Out Of 'Full Tilt Boogie?' - An Amazing Episode! 2

Jeff gathered the participants for a rare stand-alone reward challenge. Each competitor would have to dizzy themselves before climbing over a net and a balance beam and then finish by landing two balls onto a high beam in order to win. The winner would receive a trip to the sanctuary as well as be treated to a taco lunch.

I laughed so hard when Carolyn finished spinning herself around. That girl makes me laugh a lot in every episode. I hope they keep her in as she’s the only entertaining player of the bunch.

Danny and Frannie were the first to reach the balance beam, but they both lost balance while crossing. While the others made their own attempts to cross, Frannie was able to recover first and made it across the beam just ahead of Danny. Frannie was the first player to place a ball in the high trough as well. Before anyone else did, she placed her second ball and claimed the victory.

As the winner, Frannie was informed that the trip to the sanctuary would include a comfortable, overnight stay as well as letters from her family. She decided to bring Carolyn along with her as a result of the new information. Once again, Jeff extended an invitation to Frannie, but this time, she chose Lauren because she too has kids. A final invitation from Jeff was extended to her, and Frannie sent it to Heidi for the same reason as the others—motherhood.

Pity Party Time

Back at camp Yam Yam, as usual, makes it all about himself. Whaaa Whaaa Whaaaa! “Nobody ever picks me” Whaaa Whaaaa Whaaaa! “everyone has a family” This guy whining is so annoying. Whenever he gets the slightest attention he’s all happy and bubbly, but if he’s ignored for even a second, it’s a complete pity party with him.

In the rewards sanctuary, there was also a sob story time. With the family letters, it was all Booo Hooo. Thankfully Carolyn livened things up a bit. I’m so over the pity parties.

Jaime told her idol story to the others and felt a wave of relief in being able to confess the truth to everyone. Despite her honesty, again no one believed her and privately talked to one another about how fake her story was.

Survivor 44 Episode 10 Immunity Challenge

Survivor 44 episode 10 immunity challenge
Survivor 44 episode 10 immunity challenge

For the immunity challenge, the players had their ankles and wrists tied so that they’d have to slither through a sand course with a buoy in their mouth toward a star-shaped puzzle to be completed at the end.

Danny flew through the sand obstacle like a sea lion and got to the star puzzle first, but crashed and burned and never came close to finishing it before Carson swooped in and completed the star puzzle and earned his first individual immunity necklace.

Who ended up on the chopping block for Survivor 44 episode 10? – Who would you vote for – Poll

Names actually came flying out before the immunity challenge even came around. Danny and Frannie are still at each other’s throats to get one another out. Nobody is listening to Carolyn still, they are still keeping her in the dark even though she does come up with some ideas that are actually good ones.

So in the end before the tribal council came Danny, Frannie, Jaime, and Heidi were the names that were thrown out to go down on the chopping block.

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Who Got Voted Out of Survivor 44 Episode 10?

Frannie Marin - Survivor 44 Episode 10
Frannie MarinSurvivor 44 Episode 10

Frannie Marin – Survivor 44 Episode 10

Hometown: St. Paul, Minn.
Residence: Cambridge, Mass.
Occupation: Research Coordinator
Three Words to Describe You: Curious, calculating, and zesty!
What has prepared them for the game? I worked at an intense, high-traffic nail salon for five years, where I had to balance the needs of customers with those of 20 Vietnamese women, many twice my age, and with ranging language barriers. I had to navigate very different perspectives to keep everyone happy, sometimes with grown adults literally screaming in my face about their nails.

Survivor is like a four-course meal for the brain, body, and spirit! Where else can you untangle complex social webs, perform extreme physical feats, and learn your own limits (only to exceed them!)??

Frannie Marin

I think this was a good vote. They took the chance while they had it. She was winning every challenge and if she kept on winning, she would have definitely won the game. Well, on the bright side, she can now be with her boy toy Matt. Or do you think it was all just for show, and now that neither of them has any chance of winning all that money they’ll both go their separate (poor) ways?

Cast members voted out Survivor 44 so far:

Do you have any thoughts on last night’s episode? Post them in the comments below.


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