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Survivor 44 Episode 12 recap. Here's my recap of the show. Who got voted out? And Who broke their word?
Survivor 44 Episode 12 feature
Survivor 44 Episode 12
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Survivor 44 Episode 12 - Who Got Voted Out Of ‘I’m The Bandit’? - An Amazing Episode! 1

Survivor 44 Episode 12 – Can You Burp In My Mouth?

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Survivor 44 Episode 12

Last night’s Survivor 44 Episode 12 was actually pretty good. It was just as good as it was last week. When Carolyn and the rest of the group came back from tribal council she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about her idol play.

She was bragging about her big power move and explaining how she was a good player all the time the rest of the tribe is now hearing her and seeing her for the first time, which is not going to play well for Carolyn because they’re now going to perceive her as a threat.

Just as Yam Yam was saying, “Carolyn is a good player, I already knew that, but now she keeps on talking and everyone else is going to see how good she really is.” I was thinking the same exact thing. “Shut your mouth, Carolyn!” I yelled at the TV.

Survivor 44 Episode 12 Reward Challenge

Survivor 44 Episode 12 Reward Challenge
Survivor 44 episode 12 reward challenge

So they saved up enough time in this episode to have a reward challenge.

The players are split into two teams of three at random, with Carson, Lauren, and Yam Yam on one side and Jaime, Heidi, and Carolyn on the other. One castaway is inside each giant ball that is directing their blindfolded teammates toward a maze puzzle as they are being rolled through a course by each team.

The teams being guided by Carson and Jaime arrive at the puzzle first. At one point, Carolyn hilariously lets go of the ball and falls behind. Yam Yam and Lauren are able to solve the puzzle quickly thanks to Carson, and as a result, they are awarded a trip to the Survivor Sanctuary. The reward is a foot massage, sandwiches and drinks.

As per usual Carolyn says something that gets a good laugh from me. When they got back from the reward she says to Yam Yam, “Can you burp in my mouth? I mean nose.” LOL! Because she wanted to smell the sandwiches, which she later says in a one-on-one with the cameras that it sounds strange now saying it out loud.

Survivor 44 Episode 12 Immunity Challenge

Survivor 44 Episode 12 Immunity Challenge
Survivor 44 episode 12 immunity challenge

OK, does anyone else think that this was the sh*ttiest immunity idol challenge they’re ever watched on this show? Are the producers getting soft on the players now? All they had to do was stand there balancing a ball on a platform that was attached to ropes that the players had to hold. It was a short segment, to say the least.

The players in this competition must use two ropes to balance a ball on a disc. Within a short period of time, Jaime, Carolyn, Carson, and Yam Yam all lose their balls. Jeff attributes it to “23-day fatigue.”. Both Lauren and Heidi move on to the next stage, where they must take a few steps back. When Heidi’s ball drops, Lauren receives her second game-winning personal immunity necklace. And the challenge is over in a mere few minutes.

Who ended up on the chopping block for Survivor 44 episode 12? – Who would you have voted for? – Poll

So the first name to drop was Carolyn’s name. Yam Yam was the first to bring her up at the Sanctuary. This is why I keep saying that they should have voted him out a long time ago. This guy flip-flops so much he cannot be trusted. His loyalty is only to himself. So will he actually vote for Carolyn?

So after the immunity challenge, the remaining players all sit around the campfire and don’t say anything for a while. But then they end up scattering and the final two names to end up coming up in conversations are Carson and Jaime.

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Who Got Voted Out of Survivor 44 Episode 12?

Jaime voted out Survivor 44 Episode 12
Jaime Lynn Ruiz Survivor 44 Episode 12

Jaime Lynn Ruiz – Survivor 44 Episode 12

Hometown: Mesa, Ariz.
Residence: Mesa, Ariz.
Occupation: Yogi
Three Words to Describe You: Enthusiastic, magnetic, loving
What has prepared them for the game?  My time in corporate America prepared me for the show. I spent over a decade navigating different personalities and building winning teams. Relationship building is EVERYTHING!

I am a day one Survivor fan! We grew up watching Survivor as a family. Thanks to our VHS recorder, we never missed an episode! As a super-fan, it is a lifelong dream to be the Sole Survivor. I have learned a lot from the show especially that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.

Jaime Lynn Ruiz

I’m surprised she lasted this long. She was a player and she didn’t hide it, but it seems the other players didn’t see that. Well, until now when the numbers are getting smaller that is. I was so worried they were going to vote out Carolyn they way they were featuring Yam Yam talking about it all the time. Good play, they kept the three stooges strong.

Cast members voted out Survivor 44 so far:

Do you have any thoughts on last night’s episode? Post them in the comments below.


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