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Last night's Survivor 44 Episode 2 wasn't as exciting as last week's premiere. So who got voted out? Find out in today's post. #Survivor44
Survivor 44 Episode 2 - teaser
Survivor 44 Episode 2
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Survivor 44 Episode 2 - Two Dorky Magnets - Lame 1

Survivor 44 Episode 2 – Two Dorky Magnets – Lame Episode

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Survivor 44 Episode 2

Since last night’s Survivor 44 Episode 2 was rather forgettable, it’s possible that they took all of the great material and included it in the premiere of Survivor. The rest of the episode was actually quite boring, aside from Carolyn’s bizarre antics and Matt and Frannie’s growing Showmance.

In fact, this is what I’ve come to anticipate from the reality TV program. I’ve discovered that every season is typically like this. The first episode grabs your attention, but the subsequent episodes are typically uninteresting and filled with the origin stories and sob tales of each cast member. I, therefore, have faith that it will pick up again soon.

The Bird Cage

Still, in play, the bird cages piqued everyone’s interest as they searched for the key. Danny was the player who was searching the hardest for the birdcage key at Soka, while the rest of the tribe was content to keep things under control. Danny found the key in a tree trunk while everyone else was back at camp and was not looking.

The rest of the Tika tribe was scared into going back to camp when Carolyn came across a snake while looking for the key. In order to find their key, Carolyn had to continue on her own. Carolyn went back to camp with the key in her pocket and informed the others that she had found nothing but snakes.

Danny took advantage of the chance to enter the birdcage by himself. Remaining composed, he was able to open the package and take out the immunity idol and the note explaining that the separate coin was a ruse with no real power. Just before Claire and Matt went to the birdcage to see if the key had been located, he put the coin back in the package and put it back.

It was clear that Carolyn had a very different approach to the birdcage. Carolyn quickly entered and exited with the package in her pants as she took the chance to reach the birdcage on her own. Once she understood that she couldn’t leave the cage empty, she hurriedly removed the contents of the package, ran back to the cage, haphazardly stuffed the empty package back inside, and locked it again.

Survivor 44 Episode 2 Immunity Challenge

Survivor 44 Episode 2 immunity challenge
Survivor 44 episode 2 immunity challenge

Soka decided to bench Claire once more for their subsequent reward/immunity challenge. The remaining five competitors from each tribe engaged in a race through a series of nets, bridges, and ladders before one player had to make it through a snake-and-ball maze. The first tribe to complete would receive a complete set of fishing equipment, and the second tribe would receive a mask and snorkel as compensation. The third tribe would have to abandon its flint and go to Tribal Council that evening to vote someone out.

In the immunity challenge, Soka was the clear winner, but Josh messed up the snake-and-ball maze. He appears to have been unable to understand how gravity works, costing the tribe the top spot. He eventually managed to finish the maze in second place. Ratu won the challenge in the end, and Tika had to go to the tribal council to vote someone out.

Who ended up on the chopping block – Who would you vote for – Poll

Back at the Tika camp, in their deliberations about the candidates for the vote, Helen and Carson chose Carolyn as the one in whom they felt the least comfortable casting their ballot. They got on the “same page” with Yam Yam and Sarah later. Sarah realized that in order to secure a vote against someone, she would need to “lock in” with three other people after losing her vote for this Tribal Council.

Yam Yam had a different idea. He decided that more than some of the others, he liked Carolyn’s vigor and wanted to play the game with her. He discussed this with Carolyn, and they both agreed that Helen was the player who ought to be sent packing.

So Carolyn and Hellen were the names to be thrown down onto the Survivor 44 Episode 2 chopping block. Who were you going to vote for?

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Who Got Voted Out of Survivor 44 Episode 2?

Hellen Li

The tribe has spoken and Hellen Li was the second cast member to get voted out of Survivor 44 episode 2.
Age: 29
Hometown: Wayland, Mass.
Current Residence: San Francisco, Calif.
Occupation: Product Manager
Three Words to Describe Herself: Empathetic, optimistic, self-aware

I’ve been watching Survivor for over a decade and have never ceased to be impressed by how a game built on deception and testing relationships has brought up conversations around society’s most pressing issues and how we all get along with each other. It’s the ultimate game and the ultimate challenge I can put myself through.

Hellen Li

I think Hellen put too much faith in the other people and just spewed out her choice to vote Carolyn out without hearing or listening to anyone else’s thoughts. She, in my opinion, didn’t really contribute much to the game, so I think the tribe made a good choice.

Cast members voted out so far:

Do you have any thoughts on last night’s episode? Post them in the comments below.


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