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Last night's Survivor 44 Episode 4 was actually a good one finally! Unlike last week and the week before there was actually content that wasn't all confession interviews and sob stories. #Survivor
Survivor 44 Episode 4
Survivor 44 Episode 4
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Survivor 44 Episode 4 – Walking into the lion’s den

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Survivor 44 Episode 4

Last night’s Survivor 44 Episode 4 was actually a good one finally! Unlike last week and the week before there was actually content that wasn’t all confession interviews and sob stories.

Then, as we return to the situation involving the bird cage, Carolyn devises a brilliant plan to use the decoy idol by arranging red sticks to form an ‘X’ on the cage and another at the camp, where she has hidden the false idol for someone to discover. Despite the fact that she seems to be constantly disoriented, I thought what she did was fairly intelligent.

Under their log bench, Sarah spotted the matching red sticks, and sure enough, Carolyn’s package containing the fake idol was there. Sarah’s spirits were lifted by her conviction that it was true because she felt like she was at the bottom of the tribe and could use it to save herself.

What do you think about the additional fake idols being placed in the birdcage? It seems that some Survivor fans on Reddit don’t like the idea of the producers putting their own fake idols into the game. Personally, I enjoy them. Especially when players like Carolyn come up with innovative ways to use them. I eagerly await the moment when someone enters the tribal council and attempts to play one.

They had a Survivor 44 Episode 4 Reward challenge!

The tribes gathered with Jeff Probst for a rare reward challenge where the first tribe to finish would receive a large tarp and the second tribe to finish would receive a smaller tarp. Additionally, the victorious tribe would get to choose one member from each of the other two tribes to accompany them on the following excursion outside of camp.

Each tribe would have to cross a cargo net and then use a long-range slingshot to hit five targets in the straightforward challenge that Soka won. With the choice of who goes on the journey, Soka decided to send Josh from their own tribe, Carson from Tika, and Jaime from Ratu.

Each player discovered a note stating that they had been given an immunity idol at the conclusion of their journey. The catch to the idol was that it would only be good pre-merge and that they would not be returning to their original tribe. Instead, they would be switched permanently to a new tribe.

This probably worked out great for Josh as his previous tribe was in talks to vote him out next.

Survivor 44 Episode 4 Immunity Challenge

Survivor 44 episode 4 immunity challenge
Survivor 44 episode 4 immunity challenge

For the immunity challenge, Jeff invited the new tribes in for a watercourse that required participants to leap from a high porch to grab a hanging key, then navigate a balance beam before swimming to the finish-line platform where, once all participants arrived, two could assemble a puzzle.

With the exception of Lauren, who missed her key and simply swam to the other end, everyone else pretty much gave it their all. As a result, Brandon had to swim back and get Lauren’s key. On the other hand, Yam Yam managed to obtain his key but failed the balance beam by crawling rather than walking. He manages to fall off while crawling and had to start over, costing his tribe a significant amount of time.

Soka was the first to complete the puzzle while working with Heidi and Matt. Josh and Sarah worked on the puzzle for Tika, while Carson and Lauren worked on the Ratu puzzle. Ratu and Tika were neck and neck in the race to complete the puzzle when Ratu managed to do so just in time. Tika was only six pieces short of finishing their puzzle.

I was somewhat pissed off by a remark Yam Yam made. He remarked as he observed Josh and Sarah struggling with the puzzle and not progressing. They were tied with Ratu, and I was like, “WTF? You crawled across that balance beam like a big baby, costing the tribe the time they needed to win.”

Who ended up on the chopping block for Survivor 44 episode 4? – Who would you vote for – Poll

There wasn’t much debate among the Tiki tribe about who they wanted to vote out at the tribal council. They seemed to be unanimous in the decision to vote out Josh since he was an outsider and they wanted to keep Tika strong. That plan probably would have gone off without a hitch, but Yam Yam had to open up his stupid mouth and say something both stupid and insulting.

Yam Yam said that Josh is probably going to vote for him because he’s the threat and Carolyn is not. Carolyn was clearly upset by the idea of once again being the dummy vote and having decisions made for her by others, despite his request that she not be offended by it.

It turns out that Sarah and Yam Yam later spoke with Josh and told him they wanted to play with him and that they should all vote Carolyn out. Sarah, who believes he has an idol, was determined to make Josh feel safe so that she wouldn’t have to play hers but said that if he plays his idol then she would have no choice but to play hers as well.

Carolyn ultimately makes a play that will probably make her future in the game a lot better.

So, since they were only focused on Josh and no other names were thrown down on the chopping block, this poll will include the whole Tika tribe to choose from for this Survivor 44 Episode 4 chopping block. Who were you going to vote for?

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Who Got Voted Out of Survivor 44 Episode 4?

Sarah Wade was voted out of Survivor 44 episode 4
Sarah Wade was voted out of Survivor 44 episode 4

The tribe has spoken and Sarah Wade was the third cast member to get voted out of Survivor 44 episode 4.

Age: 27
Hometown: Rochester, Minn.
Residence: Chicago, Ill.
Occupation: Management Consultant
Three Words to Describe You: Strategic, driven, fun
What has prepared her for the game? My best friend died two years ago, and the experience has given me the drive to pursue my dreams, the grit to get through unpleasant experiences, and compassion for other people’s unseen challenges. All three will fuel my Survivor success.

I have been a fan since the very beginning! I grew up looking up to women like Stephanie, Cirie, and Parv. The opportunity to go out there and play myself is a lifelong dream.

Sarah Wade

I’ll be honest. It was this episode that I feel that she only stuck out in. I can’t remember her being active in any of the three previous episodes. Or maybe I’m just drawing a blank. Was she actually that forgetful?

Cast members voted out so far:

Do you have any thoughts on last night’s episode? Post them in the comments below.


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