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Last night's Survivor 44 Episode 8 was literally smelly. Here's my recap of the show. Who got voted out? And Who Farted?
Survivor 44 Episode 8
Survivor 44 Episode 8
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Survivor 44 Episode 8 - Who Got Voted Out Of 'Don’t Get Cocky Kid'? - Farts Are Funny But Deadly 1

Survivor 44 Episode 8 – OK, Who farted?

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Survivor 44 Episode 8

Last night’s Survivor 44 Episode 8 will have a funny moment during the immunity challenge that I don’t think has ever happened before on the show. Just like last week, last night’s episode had some actual entertaining content. Keep it coming!

As usual, up until the immunity challenge, not much happened in the first half of the show. Yam Yam made his way back to camp once more, grateful to have escaped another Tribal Council where he faced death. Even though Frannie had to watch as her in-game best friend was eliminated by a powerful Ratu alliance, he did not experience the same level of emotion as she did.

The next immunity test was announced by Tree Mail, and it required that they compete in five pairs while only one necklace would be awarded. Carson felt bad about having to pair up with someone because he was throwing up the entire night, but Carolyn was eager to compete with him. Due to Lauren’s low energy level, she was concerned that she would make a poor partner, but she was paired with Danny.

Survivor 44 Episode 8 Immunity Challenge

Survivor 44 episode 8 immunity challenge
Survivor 44 episode 8 immunity challenge

Jeff described the Day 15 challenge as a three-stage course with eliminations at the end of each stage. In the first stage, pairs would race through a twisted, muddy net and then dig up planks from a pit. Four of the first eight pairs would move on. The second stage required the pairs to scale a cargo net before using the planks to construct a rope bridge.

The first two pairs to finish would advance. The pairs would be eliminated in the final phase, leaving the four competitors to engage in an endurance contest to remain atop a perch with extremely slim footholds. These couples included Kane and Brandon, Frannie and Yam Yam, Carolyn and Carson, Danny and Lauren, and Heidi and Jaime.

In the endurance stage, all four players maintained their position for the first of four portions of the competition. They all had to move to the next lower perch in a “live transition,” meaning if they slipped they’d be eliminated. At one point Danny says, “Hey Jeff.” Jeff replies, “What?” and Danny proceeds to fart. LOL! I don’t think that has ever happened on the show before, LOL!

Lauren was the sole winner of immunity.

Who ended up on the chopping block for Survivor 44 episode 8? – Who would you vote for – Poll

Right out of the gate, Brandon was trying to convince the rest of the tribe members to all vote out Frannie. But Danny had plans of his own to go after Brandon in a blindside by using his idol on Franny at the tribal council. A lot of players were left out of that plan and their eyes showed their emotions when Jeff read off the name of the person to be the second member of the jury.

So both Brandon’s and Frannie’s names were put out there for the chopping block. Who would you have voted for?

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Who Got Voted Out of Survivor 44 Episode 8?

Brandon Cottom - Survivor 44 Episode 8
Brandon CottomSurvivor 44 Episode 8

Brandon Cottom – Survivor 44 Episode 8

Hometown: Newtown, Pa.
Residence: Newtown, Pa.
Occupation: Security Specialist
Three Words to Describe You: JEasygoing, ambitious, confident
What has prepared them for the game? Making it into the NFL has prepared me for Survivor. I had to overcome one obstacle after another to make a team. It taught me the importance of hard work and believing in yourself, even when the cards are stacked against you.

I want to be part of Survivor because it is a once in a lifetime adventure. Survivor is the perfect combination of physical and mental strength. I want to challenge myself in an avenue that I really have no experience in. By no means am I a survivalist lol. I have never even been camping, so surviving in the elements will be an exciting challenge.

Matt Blankenship

I don’t blame them for making this move when they did. It was a great opportunity to get out a very strong player. Brandon showed his cards way too many times trying to control the tribe in every aspect. That combined with his strength made him a huge target. Why don’t strong players hold back on their physical abilities when they merge?

Cast members voted out Survivor 44 so far:

Do you have any thoughts on last night’s episode? Post them in the comments below.


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