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OMG! Did they finally wake up and vote them out this time on Survivor Season 43 episode 3

OMG! They finally woke the hell up! Survivor Season 43 Episode 3

They finally woke the hell up this episode it seems. But the way these people play the game and flop around so much it’s really hard to tell actually.

OH! And did you know that Noelle Lambert lost her leg when she was younger? Well duh! She brings it up every single time she’s talking on camera. Playing the amputee card a bit much there Noelle. We also have eyes and can see that you are literally missing a limb and don’t need the constant reminder.

If she’s playing the amputee card just to get sympathy, then it’s going to backfire on her. People are either going to get tired of hearing about it or are going to be constantly reminded that she may be a liability to the tribe.

She is, however, doing a great job on the show. Her performance in the challenges makes a few of the other cast members look pretty pathetic. Especially this episode’s tribe member who got voted off the game.


Nneka Ejere
Nneka Ejere

The tribe has “FINALLY” spoken…

“Playing Survivor is about leveraging your strengths because I’m a terrible liar — I can’t cheat. It’s how I raised my kids,” she said. “But my smile is a huge part of who I am. It can be a tool I can use to make them do exactly what I need them to because they trust me.”

She thinks that her smile would get her way through the game and it shows too because that is all she really had. She couldn’t do anything physical in the challenges or in camp, and she obviously sucks at puzzles because she’s lost every single one she played, but still claimed she’s good at them. LOL!

I would have had her voted out in Survivor Season 43 Episode 2 because she was absolutely useless in all of the challenges. I was amazed at how the tribe voted out Justine instead of Nneka. Survivor Season 43 Episode 3 was an eye-opener for that tribe I think.


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