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Funny Cat Video

Laughing Cat

Here ya go! Looking for some Kitty Porn? Or are you a fan of Beavis and Butt-Head? This funny video has what you’re looking for. Love and romance and comedic laughing.

Watch this funny cat video.

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A Helping Hand For A Hummingbird

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

This poor little hummingbird got trapped inside our greenhouse and crashed into our strawberry patch. I didn’t want it to cook inside the hot greenhouse while it was all disorientated, so I carefully let it sit on the tips of my fingers and I took it out to the hummingbird feeder so it could get a drink and get itself reorientated. After a few seconds, it chirped its thank yous and flew away.
You’re very welcome tiny hummingbird, and I’m so sorry you got caught inside our hot greenhouse.

Little Hummingbird Gets My Help Video

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Rat Vs. Pigeon – Strange Animals (Warning)

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

If you are a pissy-pants kinda person and just can’t handle real-life situations that involve animals being animals, then don’t watch this video. It may trigger your bubble-protected life. You have been warned.

If you can handle the reality of life and get a thrill out of watching animals do strange and funny things, then click on that play button. You’ll enjoy what you see and say to yourself, “What the hell did I just watch?”

Watch These Strange Animals?

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