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My Road Rage Is Triggered Because Of Idiot Drivers

Road Rage

My Road Rage Is Triggered By Idiots!

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that there are a lot more Idiots Driving the roads than normal these days.

If it’s not Idiot Drivers Cutting Me Off, or nearly running me off the road, it’s the idiot drivers who break and slow down miles before their turnoff. Especially the places where they actually provide a long piece of the road for you to turn off and decelerate. This is what triggers my road rage!

If I Had My Way

If I were given the powers to press a button and disable an idiot’s car and walk up to them and slap them across the head with a driver’s Manual, I wouldn’t be triggered into road rage situations anymore.

If I Can’t Beat Sense Into Their Empty Skulls, Then…

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Amazing Bad Drivers

Too Many Bad Drivers On The Road Lately

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews
Bad Drivers

Here are just a couple of videos caught on my dashcam of some really crappy drivers. I would have a 10-minute video if my dashcam didn’t crap out on me causing me to lose all the saved idiot drivers I caught on camera.

Watch The Video Below…

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