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The author, after winning over $11 million, bought Roblin Village Park, aiming to restore its former glory by enforcing community standards and evicting disrespectful tenants. The goal is fostering a harmonious, well-maintained community.

Roblin Village Park – It Aint what it used to be

In recent months, we have maintained a low profile as we have been engaged in a significant property acquisition. (Roblin Village Park) This purchase is expected to generate a mixed response, with some negativity and, hopefully, a considerable amount of support.

In February of 2023, we experienced a significant life event by winning the lottery. The prize was substantial, totalling over $11 million. Keeping this information confidential has been challenging, particularly given that ALC widely publicizes its lottery winners.

winning photo -Roblin Village Park
Yup! That’s Me Now Owner of Roblin Village Park*

Here’s a snapshot that Miss Mac’s Opinion brazenly captured. ALC decided to throw a fit about THEIR photo, whining about copyright nonsense and I had to alter the cheque in a way that you all can’t know. LOL! (it’s really stupid but it has to do with a corner and colour code) But guess what? This is at the heart of ALC headquarters where we waltzed in to claim our fat winnings. The place was swarming with people! Folks cashing in on the Set For Life jackpot, others scoring over $5K, and more. It was an absolute madhouse! You’d never imagine just how many lives get turned upside down like this every single day!

This is OUR land now!

So, that’s how we secured the funding to purchase this particular piece of land. I have been a member of this community for over 30 years, and from my observations, I have grown increasingly frustrated and resentful. This community, once characterized by peaceful and respectful residents in Roblin Village Park, has deteriorated due to the behaviour of disrespectful and selfish tenants. Why should we be the ones to move out? I love it here.

After several months of dedicated efforts and successful land transfer sales, I am thrilled to announce that the deal is finally done, and this post can now go LIVE! We did it! All the legal intricacies we’ve navigated to purchase this park are behind us, and it’s official!

What’s Gonna Change?

Roblin Village Park
Roblin Village Park

Not much is going to change. The only thing we’re going to do is clean up the place. Get it back to the green lush beautiful place it once was back in the 1980’s. Unfortunately, there will be lots that we have chosen to remove. There was a pretty bad decision by a previous owner to pack more units into the place by destroying the KEY features of this community. A pool, trail, and a ton of trees. Trees that drank a lot of water and now that they’re gone the whole place seems like a swamp!

Who’s lot will be gone?

Well, that’s not a topic for a public post. But I will say a lot of shrunken properties will go back to bigger ones and I am looking to take over my parent’s old lot and convert it to a community center/convenience store. On Mallard Court (We’re thinking 10 -11 -12 since they’re all empty and zoned out already.)

Where are they to go?

According to New Brunswick laws, we are required to provide 6-12 months’ notice to various residents. Therefore, we are giving a 12-month notice to allow everyone affected sufficient time to find a new place to relocate. This notice will be sent out to the tenants involved. While we anticipate some objections, we are within our legal rights to proceed with the evictions if necessary.

What’s the targeted unwanted?

Roblin Village Park

Unwanted is not the best term, but it accurately describes the situation. We aim for well-maintained lawns with beautiful flower gardens. We strive for the ideal of picket fences that many dream of when moving in. We value organized and tidy communities. It is vital to address the accumulation of garbage, decrepit buildings, and piles of trash in yards. Therefore, we will hold an annual drive to enable tenants to dispose of their unwanted garbage or building materials.

Haters Gonna Hate!

Yes, detractors will always exist. However, let them be. In the past, mutual respect among people was more prevalent, contributing to a more pleasant society. It is imperative to instill respect for others and their property in children. Failure to do so signifies that you are not welcome here.

Who am I?

I’m the fortunate one who won over $11 million dollars and now I’m taking back my community. It’s going to be a peaceful place where everyone shows respect daily, whether they like it or not. Yes, they will be targeted and if anything they know why. And they know who they are!

In Conclusion

Conclusion - Roblin Village Park

In conclusion, while the journey to secure this property has been arduous, it has also been incredibly rewarding *. With the acquisition now complete, the future of Roblin Village Park lies in creating a harmonious and respectful community. Our vision is to restore this area to its former glory, ensuring that every resident takes pride in their surroundings and respects their neighbours.

To those who oppose these changes: it’s time to understand that the transformation of this community is inevitable. The goal is to foster an environment of mutual respect and restore the natural beauty that once characterized this place. Those who continue to exhibit disrespectful and selfish behaviour should begin preparing to move on, as we will enforce community standards rigorously.

I invite all residents and readers to share their thoughts on how we can improve our community and effectively address issues with challenging neighbours. Your feedback is invaluable in steering our efforts to make Roblin Village Park a place that everyone can be proud to call home.

To my detractors: start packing. This is now my land, and I will ensure it represents the values we all cherish.

Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below on how you would handle difficult neighbours. Let’s work together to make Roblin Village Park the best it can be!

*The day that this is an actual true story will become the best day of my life. I really hate my neighbours and wish that they at least follow some of these things.

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