July 13, 2024
Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Just survived the Heat Wave 2024, which turned homes into ovens and gardens into Sahara deserts. Stayed indoors, gaming and guzzling beers, while the sun tried to roast me alive.
Heat Wave 2024

Heat Wave 2024

So we barely survived that hellish heat wave that scorched us for the past few days. It soared to a blistering 47°C (53°C humidex), and our air conditioners were struggling just to keep the house from feeling like an oven. We had one blasting at each end of the house, running 24/7. Honestly, I can’t imagine how anyone without an air conditioner could endure such torture. How did you cope with this heat wave? Post your stories in the comments below.

I was watering the garden and all the potted plants outside in the morning, only to find myself in a never-ending sequel of “Water Wars” by mid-afternoon because everything dried up faster than pasta in a colander. This whole ordeal reminds me that I need to channel my inner engineer and hook up a mister in the greenhouse, lest the lettuces stage a revolt against the extreme heat.

Good time to be an introvert

We pretty much stayed indoors all day because going outside was like stepping into an oven set to “extra crispy.” It was insanely hot. Miss Mac busied herself with her underwater kingdom of fish tanks while I heroically fought off pixelated zombies in Minecraft all day. You can watch live when I’m streaming right here.

Live Minecraft play

The only time I ventured outside was to let the dogs relieve themselves and to water the garden and potted plants. It’s so scorchingly hot; it’s like the sun decided to personally escort me back inside, laughing at my feeble attempt to enjoy the patio shade.

Despite the oppressive heat, I couldn’t ignore the parched soil and wilting leaves begging for hydration. Each step on the blistering pavement felt like walking on a stovetop, and the air seemed thick with an almost tangible wave of heat. I longed for the relief of cool air-conditioning, but the responsibility of tending to my plants and pets pulled me back into the relentless daylight.

Doing Friday Things on a Friday

Going to be hitting back a few, and by a few, I mean enough cold beers to fill a swimming pool. Alexander Keith’s IPA to be exact. Those who know me know it’s my favourite beer. Those who don’t know me, well, welcome to the fan club!

I’ll probably be gaming again today and I’ll most likely be streaming the gameplay too, so swing by if you feel like wasting some time with me and watching me heroically fail at digital adventures.

It’s still a little warm outside, so I suppose I’ll be heroically lounging indoors, sipping cold ones, and navigating the blocky world of Minecraft. After a daring grocery run this morning, the rest of the day is just me, the beer, and my valiant quest for virtual diamonds.

As I settle into my cozy gaming chair, the ambient noise of the air conditioner creates the perfect backdrop for my adventures. Every now and then, I’ll take a break to relish some snacks, recharge with another cold beer, and perhaps even explore new mods for the game. My trusty gaming console stands as my knight in shining armour, ready to teleport me into terrains unknown, where the thrill of discovering new biomes and battling fearsome mobs keeps the excitement alive.


Heat Wave Conclusion
Heat Wave

As we bid farewell to this chapter titled “Surviving the Great Heat Wave,” let’s revel in the tiny victories and laugh at the moments when the sun almost got the best of us. Now, it’s your turn! What did you think of this post? And more importantly, how did you tackle the sweltering heat? Share your thoughts, stories, and tips in the comments below—because trust me, we could all use a good laugh and maybe some new survival tactics for the next heat wave!

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