Roblin Village Lincoln NB Super and wife’s true colors come out. Horrible Neighbours AND Superintendent. This is how the Park Supervisor and his wife treat and talk about the tenants of Roblin Village Park. I’m not really sure why they’re still employed by the Park Owner. I haven’t done anything to these people to warrant their disgusting disrespect towards me. The only things I and my friends and family can think of are:

  1. I open my living room curtains to allow natural lighting in, but they think that I’m opening them to stare at them.
  2. I open my living room windows to allow fresh air in, but they think I’m opening them to listen to them talking. If you watched the video above, tell me why anybody would want to listen to THAT!?
  3. I have taken over snow removal and lawn maintenance of my Parent’s property and my Friends next door. They were paying these lunatics about $1,200 a year in total. So they might be pissed about that.
  4. They’re just spiteful and mean people and this is just who they are.

I could go on and on, but I really don’t want to waste any more time on them. I have better things to do. I feel sorry for the Husband though. He must be very jealous of me since I’m the only man constantly on her mind since I’m all she ever talks about. I wish he’d do something to impress her better because I REALLY, REALLY don’t want to be on her mind at all. Phuck, if you knew what she looked like you would understand what I mean. (Manbearpig)

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