TV Reboots
Hollywood's TV reboot obsession revives dead TV shows, often failing with cringeworthy attempts. "Supernatural" needs grizzled hunters, "Trailer Park Boys" begs for chaotic comebacks, and "Space 1999" demands a cosmic rebirth. Speak up or stay silent on this entertainment necromancy!

TV reboots and comebacks that need to happen

TV Reboots

It’s like Hollywood is running an unofficial competition for who can resurrect long-dead TV shows only to ghost us like a bad Tinder date. Sometimes, they drum up excitement over a show I actually liked back in the heyday of ruffled chips and soda on the carpet, only to rip it away after a season, leaving us all hanging on a cliffhanger taller than Mount Everest.

And then there are the reboots that flop harder than a fish out of water. You know, the ones that try so hard to be edgy and relevant that they end up looking like your dad trying to use teen slang – just painful. Here’s my cheeky roll call of TV zombies that should’ve stayed in their graves or, dare I say, deserve another shot at primetime glory.


Supernatural TV reboot and comeback
Supernatural TV Reboot

Oh, the debacle of attempting to resurrect the legendary Supernatural with the wannabe series The Winchesters. Was anyone actually surprised when the show faced the axe? As soon as Nexstar commandeered the CW Network, their iron fist crushed the life out of lacklustre attempts at scripted drama left and right. The Winchesters bit the dust after a single, mercifully brief season. And let’s be real—we were all secretly thankful for the swift end to that embarrassment.

Imagine the iconic Impala roaring back onto our screens with this TV reboot, but this time the Winchester brothers aren’t the fresh-faced demon hunters we remember. The “Supernatural” reboot needs to embrace the grit and grizzle of age. Picture Sam, no longer the sensitive soul we groaned at, but a tough-as-nails, take-no-crap veteran of the supernatural wars. And Dean? Sure, let him remain the wise-cracking hero we adore, but infuse his character with the bitter tang of sarcasm only aging can enhance—grumbling about his aches, pains, and the indignities of getting older.

This isn’t your childhood “Supernatural.” It’s darker, rawer, a show where our leads are fueled not by youthful angst, but by lifetimes of battle scars and close calls. They’re wiser, sure, but at a cost—a depth of irritation that makes them even more formidable against the fiendish nightmares that stalk the night. The monsters better think twice; these grizzled hunters don’t just carry salt and holy water, they bring decades of pent-up fury to the fray.

Bring back “Supernatural,” but leave the whining to the creatures they hunt. It’s time for Sam and Dean to return, leather jackets worn at the elbows and all, schooling a new generation on how true badasses face the twilight of their hunting days—not with quiet resignation but with fire and defiance in their aging hearts. Bring it on, monsters; the real beast slayers are back in town, and they’re not going out quietly.

The Trailer Park Boys

The Trailer Park Boys Comeback
Trailer Park Boys TV Reboot

Oh, just picture the sheer audacity of the Trailer Park Boys smashed back onto the scene! That uproarious display was the epitome of comedic gold, and its return would be nothing short of legendary. Envision those three notorious goofballs – older, not a whit wiser, still scrambling for that elusive quick buck with their harebrained schemes, peddling their dope with that iconic, brazen disregard for the law, and swigging their lives away. Chaos, laughter, and a whirlwind of age-defying shenanigans—what a sight to behold! Now, that’s a TV Reboot/comeback I’d pay to see.

The Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds are go! TV Reboot
Thunderbirds TV Reboot

Seriously, who wouldn’t salivate at the prospect of a live-action Thunderbirds TV show with today’s jaw-dropping special effects? The original marionette antics were epic for their time, but imagine the potential with today’s tech! It could blow our collective nostalgia-loving minds – as long as it doesn’t spiral into the disaster that was the Thunderbirds movie. Hollywood better not chicken out because of that trainwreck. And for the love of all that is good in entertainment, keep Jonathan Fracks at a galaxy’s length from this reboot. We want pulse-raising, not pulse-flatlining.

Space 1999

Space 1999 reboot : Moonbase Alpha
Space 1999 TV Reboot

Ah, “Space 1999“—a true gem dragged from the depths of television history. Yet here we are, its glory undiminished even as the calendar mocks its title. A TV reboot, you say? Ha! As though the naiveté of the past could simply be repackaged for today’s savvy audience. But, lo and behold, there’s a shred of brilliance in the idea of christening it “Moonbase Alpha.” Subtle? Hardly. But it’s a nod sharp enough to slice through the fog of nostalgia, a title that old fans will grasp with a knowing smirk. Indeed, who wouldn’t recognize the homage to that iconic outpost? The audacity to revamp a classic—now, that’s a challenge I’d relish to see unfurled on the small screen.

If I were to remake this show it would be like this: We’re breathing fresh life into this classic TV show, but with an audacious twist. Picture the progeny of the legendary characters, not just following in their parents’ footsteps, but owning their space odyssey. They’re riding the coattails of the wandering moon, their de facto headquarters in the unforgiving void.

Every episode? A tantalizing gamble. As the moon dances through the cosmos, each encounter, each new celestial wonder, brings a fresh backdrop to their saga. But here’s the kicker – they’ve got to cling to that moon like a lifeline. Because the moment they stray too far, the cold, dark abyss could swallow them whole, severing them from the lunar lifeline that fuels their very existence.

This isn’t just another space journey; it’s a cutthroat race against time and space that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Who’ll prevail? Get ready for an interstellar drama where the stakes are sky-high, and home is a moon on the run.

The Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American Hero - TV Reboot
The Greatest American Hero TV Reboot

Oh, come on, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the riot of laughs that was “The Greatest American Hero“! Admit it, that show was your guilty pleasure, with its mix of goofiness and charm. And now, in this era of reboots and remakes, where’s our modern take on this classic? Imagine the binges, the bar-setting quirks, and yes, the inevitable social media meltdowns over how it’s ‘ruining the original’ or ‘finally a worthy reboot’. Don’t deny it, you’re craving that reboot too. Get it back on the airwaves, and give us all another reason to glue ourselves to the screen in fits of nostalgia-fueled hysteria!



In the boundless universe of television, the allure of a TV reboot is a siren call that’s hard to ignore. The nostalgia it evokes, the chance to reconnect with old friends from our screens, is a powerful force indeed. Alas, the constraints of time are against us, because as much as I’d like to dive into an endless odyssey of TV reboots – discussing the ins and outs of every show that deserves a second chance or a dignified conclusion – I simply can’t cover them all.

But that’s where you come in, dear readers. Your voice matters in the grand chorus that calls for the revival of our beloved series. I’ve opened the floor with my musings, but it’s your turn to amplify it. What TV reboots ignite the spark of excitement in your binge-watching heart? Which comebacks would you greenlight without a second thought?

Don’t hold back! Hit the comments section with the force of an unwritten TV show bible. Share your zeal for the series you’d champion for a reboot, or express your ardent dissent on the perhaps controversial choices I’ve made. Your opinions are the heartbeat of this conversation, and together, we might just drum up enough noise to resurrect from the annals of TV history that we’ve been dreaming of. So, what’s your ultimate TV reboot wishlist?

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