The Whispers Season 2 Might Not Happen!!

(Credit: ABC) Claire Bennigan, played by Lily Rabe, in a still from the first episodes of the show "The Whispers" season 1.  Read more:

“The Whispers” is still in its first season but the new ABC show is reportedly in danger of being cancelled for the second season as reports have surfaced that the show has been struggling to get audiences. Also, there is a shortage in the casting options for the roles of the said show.
Via: vcpost

I am NOT Amused!!!

People gotta get off the phucking reality TV shows so the more intellectual can actually have something to watch on TV without it getting the AXE before it even has a chance to get momentum!!!

TV Networks should be signing a contract stating that if the show doesn’t make the ratings, then the writers need to make an ending for the show and not leave the audience who enjoyed the show hanging!

Damn and I’m getting into this show and waiting for episode 6 tonight!!!

Should I continue watching even though it might just end abruptly?

Post your thoughts in the comments.

More info here on the article that pissed me off.

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