Say goodbye to the WordPress Like Button
The WordPress like button is often exploited by spammers, causing frustration for website owners. This article discusses why it cannot be 100% disabled and provides alternative methods to minimize spam from the like button.

WordPress Needs To Let Users Disable The WordPress Like Button 100%

WordPress Like Button - It needs to be removed!
WordPress Needs To Remove This

Alrighty then! So, it seems like my posts have been getting a bunch of love lately. I mean, loads of people seem to be hitting that little old ‘like’ button. Now, you might think, “What’s the big deal? Isn’t that a good thing?” Well, it would be if folks were actually, ya know, reading my posts and genuinely liking ’em. Instead, it feels like they’re just on some kind of clicking spree, hitting ‘like’ on every single post that pops up on the WordPress Reader. Geez, talk about a like-clicking frenzy! But hey, I guess some attention is better than no attention, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ NOPE!

Oh boy, here we go! This is like someone on a mission, posting their band flyers on every single telephone pole they come across. Talk about persistence! It’s like a non-stop parade of notifications as people frantically hit that like button, faster than the speed of light. These spammers must have superhuman speed because ain’t no way they’re actually reading all that content. It’s like they’ve mastered the art of speed-reading on steroids! But hey, gotta give them credit for their determination, right? Keep on spammin’! 🎸📢 Because I ain’t gonna hear ya anymore!

I’m Disabling The WordPress Like Button Because I Don’t Like It

This only proves my suspicion that the majority of the “likes” on my posts come from people who haven’t even read the post they apparently liked, according to the stats. It’s clearly evident in the mornings when the stats for the day start fresh and I see 10 people liking certain pages that don’t even have any page views or hits on them. Clearly, these people are like spamming.

The only problem I’m having is that you can’t Disable the WordPress Like Button on the WordPress Reader. So spammers can still click the like button. Unfortunately for them, their likes will no longer be displayed on my blog posts and I will no longer get notified of their spam clicking. (I hope)

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All I can do is disable it from the Jetpack plugin on my hosted WordPress installation. Which will only stop the spammer’s fake likes and their website icons from appearing on my site. I did this by going into the Jetpack plugin Settings > Sharing > and Unchecking the Like Button setting there.

The Debate on the WordPress Like Button

A fellow blogger who runs the site Hugh’s Views & News posted on this topic a while back and although he had some valid points about people liking posts out of pity or whatnot, I still think it’s time to abandon this abused feature completely.

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We were both like, “Seriously? If they really want to keep that feature, they should make it so people can only hit the like button after doing a little dance or singing a funny song!” But hey, looks like this update won’t be happening any time soon because this never-ending debate has been going on since, like, forever. Can you believe it? 😄💃🎤🎉

My Solution/Alternative WordPress Like Button!

My cunning plan to tackle the WordPress Like Button conundrum was to give it the ol’ heave-ho and banish it from my site. No more mindless clicking, my friend! Instead, I’ve devised a little challenge for you: If you fancy giving a nod of approval to a post, you’ll have to put those reading skills to the test. Roll up your sleeves, dive into the article, and once you’ve conquered it, you’ll be rewarded with the ultimate choice – a rating! And if you dare, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Who needs a dull old WordPress Like Button anyway, when you can embark on this epic rating adventure? Happy reading, rating, and commenting!

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In a nutshell, the influx of mindless “likes” on WordPress posts has exposed the silly phenomenon of like spamming. It’s like people are blindly smacking that thumbs-up button without even bothering to read the content. Can we get a facepalm emoji, please?

Now, there’s no official “Disable WordPress Like Button” option on the Reader, but fear not! The brave Jetpack plugin steps in to save the day with its magical powers. You can disable that pesky Like Button faster than a superhero in spandex.

But hey, why not take it up a notch? Let’s challenge our dear readers to embark on a wild rating adventure! Buckle up, folks, and let’s put those thumbs to good use. No more mindless clicks, no siree! Let’s encourage meaningful interactions, genuine appreciation, and a whole lot of chuckles in the WordPress community.

So, without further ado, humour us with your thoughts and experiences down below. How do you feel about the WordPress Like Button? Any epic boss battles with like spammers? We want to know it all! Let’s keep this laughter-filled conversation rolling and explore quirky ways to foster real engagement. Your witty and hilarious input is gold, my friend!

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