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Looks like we aren't going to be as lucky this time around with Hurricane Fiona making its way towards us here in the Maritimes.

Hurricane Fiona is Coming whether (weather) we like it or not.

Hurricane Fiona

Well, it looks like we aren’t going to be as lucky this time around with Hurricane Fiona making its way towards us here in Atlantic Canada. Looks like she is going to pay a visit to all of the maritime provinces as she makes her way through.

It can rain cats and dogs, or dump a ton of snow on us and I don’t really mind, but when it comes to weather that has high winds involved, I get a bit of anxiety. I hate windy weather because it causes the most damage. It tears off your roof shingles, siding on your home, and throws sh*t through the air like projectile missiles. It’s just so damaging and of course costly, especially when you really can’t afford to repair storm damage.

Not out of the woods yet.

Hurricane Fiona Winds
Fiona hurricane wind forecast

Thankfully we are not in the direct tract of hurricane Fiona like Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is. I have family relatives all over Cape Breton and I hope they all stay safe and come out unscathed. Even though we here in New Brunswick aren’t in the direct path of hurricane Fiona we are still expecting winds reaching up to 70-100+ km/h. Those are still some strong winds that still have the potential to cause severe damage. And as I said, I already have anxiety thinking about it. I really hate wind storms.

With the trees in full leaf, gusts in the 70 to 100 km/h range are also likely to cause some power outages. I’ll be priming up the generator later today to make sure it starts when we need it and make sure we have enough gas to keep it running in case of an extended power outage. This area is well known for its constant power outages due to NB Powers’ sh*tty infrastructure, so the power being out is an absolute guarantee. If it doesn’t, I’ll be completely shocked. (Pun)

Hurricane Fiona Rain forcasts
Hurricane Fiona rain forecast

Seems we might see about 25-50+ mm of rain. We’ve seen way more than that in a day this season already, so the rain isn’t a real issue to us in my opinion anyway. But it looks as if my relatives in Cape Breton may want to get their hip-waders out of their closets and have them ready.

The total rainfall all summer wasn’t really that high which means the river is already pretty low and any rain we get from hurricane Fiona probably won’t burst the Saint John River’s banks. (Crossing fingers)

hurricane fiona track
hurricane Fiona track projection

Unlike Nova Scotia, New Brunswick has been pretty lucky by avoiding the direct track of hurricanes lately, but hurricane Fiona still managed to keep us on the edge of our seats. Hurricane Fiona is expected to affect us here in New Brunswick the strongest at around 2 AM Saturday morning. We will be getting a break from the rains for most of the day today, unlike yesterday we got a full day of torrential rain. I guess this is the calm before the storm.

Better get my ass up off this couch and get some stuff done.

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I really need to stop procrastinating and get some pre-hurricane Fiona stuff done. I got to check on the generator still, make sure we have batteries for flashlights and the radio and fill up the 18L jugs with water for washing and toilet water, and if the better half allows it, some beers in the fridge.

Hurricane Fiona is on its way and there’s no telling what is going to happen. Who knows, maybe we’ll all be really lucky and hurricane Fiona passes through without any incident. OK, that does sound like denial doesn’t it? I’m still trying to convince myself it will be OK just to try and get this anxiety to settle down or go away.

Well, I better go take down the Gazeebo, don’t want that flying through a window.

Are you going to be impacted by the hurricane? What have you done to prepare so far? Post your answers in the comments below.

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