July 12, 2024
Trudeau government
The Trudeau government is recklessly splurging billions on foreign aid while Canadians struggle with poverty and underfunded services. Veterans and indigenous communities suffer while millions are spent on projects in Ghana, Syria, Congo, and more. This outrageous mismanagement of tax dollars demands action. Speak up, Canada—your voice matters!
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

If you hated the Trudeau government before, then this will piss you off even more

This post is certain to stir the pot. If you’ve been oblivious for the past 9 years, thanks to Trudeau’s mainstream media whitewashing the truth, it’s no wonder you haven’t caught on to this government’s outrageous overspending. Prepare yourself, because we’re about to hit you with some cold, hard facts anyone can dig up on the Government of Canada website.

Never forget, as you navigate all this, that Canadians are struggling to feed themselves, pay rent, keep a roof over their heads, heat their homes, and more, yet the Trudeau government shamelessly diverts millions and billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries.

It’s outrageous how our veterans, who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, are being treated like garbage. It’s a national disgrace that those who served to protect us are now witnessing the chaotic and disrespectful mismanagement of the very land they fought for.

$533,105+ Good Water Neighbours

These things are such utter nonsense! Canada forked over a whopping $533K to “EcoPeace Middle East” for the so-called “Good Water Neighbors” project (they even spell it wrong). They claim this initiative aims to “encourage” young Israelis and Palestinian leaders to become more “knowledgeable” about the transboundary nature of water scarcity. What a joke!

But hey, let’s just keep allowing the Natives in Canada to drink filthy, contaminated water that Trudeau has been emptying promises on for the last 9 years and give our tax dollars to a foreign country instead.

But wait, there’s a plot twist! Our generous government, in all its wisdom, decided to throw an extra $486,528 at the same project. Why on Earth would the Indigenous people here in Canada ever want to drink clean water?

Good Water Neighbours
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

$19,892,000.00 Accelerated Sanitation in Northern Ghana

Hey, folks, guess what? We dropped $20 million to kindly ask the people of Ghana to, well, you know, not take a shit on the beaches. Cheers to you, CDN taxpayers! $850,000 just on posters alone.

Yet here in Canada, the alleyways are still the top choice for the homeless to engage in impromptu restroom breaks.

Accelerated Sanitation in Northern Ghana
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

$10,000,000+ Action for Girls and Young Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Mozambique

Canadians’ mental health and rights apparently pale in comparison to those of people in Mozambique. Canadians are sacrificing $10,000,000 of tax dollars and all their rights just so women in a distant land can have them instead. Why exactly is this Canada’s problem? But hold on, folks, because that project is still not complete—they decided to tack on an additional $2,500,000 to that program to help non-Canadians. You didn’t really need that food bank shopping bag, did you?

Action for Girls’ and Young Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Mozambique
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

$3,000,000 Justice and Community Security in Syria

Can you believe the sheer absurdity? The Liberal Government handed over a whopping $3 million of our tax dollars to an NGO to supposedly promote Justice and Community Security in Syria! Seriously, Syria—a designated terrorist state. Remember this outrageous waste of money when the Liberals start claiming Canadians need to cough up more taxes!

Justice and Community Security in Syria
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

$28,000,000 Syria Crisis – Addressing Gender-Based Violence and Reproductive Health

$28 Million taxpayer dollars to tackle Gender-Based Violence in a Sharia Law-dominated terrorist state like Syria—are we really prioritizing this?

Canadian health care? What is Canadian health care? Canadians’ health care system is just fine the way it is. That was sarcasm in case you missed it.

Syria Crisis - Addressing Gender-Based Violence and Reproductive Health
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

$20+ million Access to Health Services for Women and Girls in Kinshasa

$20 Million taxpayer dollars to pamper Women and Girls in Congo with doctors while you? Get ready to stand in line with the Afghans. And then another $1,300,000 to top up the foreign country’s coffers

With Canada facing a crippling doctor shortage, is this really the best use of our tax dollars?

Access to Health Services for Women and Girls in Kinshasa
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

$1,998,115 Accelerator for Women Climate Entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa

$2 million taxpayer dollars were thrown into the black hole called “Accelerator for Women Climate Entrepreneurs” in the South of Sahara, which, let’s be honest, is just code for “untraceable.” Meanwhile, the Liberal Govt splurges a ridiculous fortune on Aga Khan without a shred of transparency about its purpose. What are they hiding?

Accelerator for Women Climate Entrepreneurs
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

$14,150,000+ Accelerating Business Growth in Ethiopia

First, we handed over $8,219,023 of our hard-earned tax dollars, then threw another $14,150,000 at an NGO to “Accelerate Business Growth in Ethiopia.” What did it achieve? Absolutely nothing that we can see!

Here in Canada, shops are closing faster than a teenager’s browser when parents walk in, and companies are fleeing Canada like it’s a game of tag and taxes are ‘it’. But hey, why not just gift-wrap our tax dollars and send it to another country instead?

Accelerating Business Growth in Ethiopia
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

And the list goes oooonnnn – La te Da Te Deeee

This post would take days to complete if I detailed every outrageous expense by the Trudeau government. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself—just search the Liberal Govt foreign aid/donations/projects from 2015 to 2024 and you’ll find 2,728 results. Brace yourself, because you won’t be happy with what you see. It’s downright insane what we spend on foreign countries compared to the crumbs we allocate at home. And guess what? It’s us who are forced to cough up more, with no plans to curb this reckless spending.

Search for international assistance projects funded by Canada
Trudeau Government’s Insane Spending

Speak Up, Canada!

Trudeau government spending conclusion

It’s crystal clear that the Trudeau government has flagrantly abused our hard-earned tax dollars, prioritizing foreign countries over the dire needs of Canadians. Our veterans, indigenous communities, and the countless individuals suffering from an underfunded healthcare system deserve better than this outrageous mismanagement.

How do you feel about Trudeau’s reckless spending spree abroad? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

We can’t allow this insanity to continue unchecked. It’s time to speak up and make our voices heard. Let’s come together and demand better for our country, our community, and ourselves. Change starts here, with each of us raising our voices against this wastefulness!

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