Twitter Votes and Elon Musk off twitter
Twitter Votes and Elon Musk must step down as CEO #Twitter #ElonMusk
Twitter Votes and Elon Musk off twitter
Twitter Votes and Elon Musk must step down as CEO

Will Elon Musk actually step down as CEO after Twitter Votes?

Twitter votes

When Elon Musk officially took over as CEO of Twitter about 9 weeks ago, after buying it for over $44 Billion I didn’t think much of it. To me, it was just some rich boy buying stuff and never putting any thought into it. But then people were going into a rage over his acquisition and it was all over the internet.

“What’s the problem with these people and why are they pissed off that he bought it?” I asked myself. To me, it seemed that it was just a bunch of trolls being trolls because they’re poor and don’t like it when rich people spend huge amounts of money on things. Sure, that $44 Billion could have been put to way better use, but it’s not my place to tell another person how to spend their money, and sure I am a little upset that I didn’t get any. Who wouldn’t? That was a shitload of moolah!

Elon Musk flexes his muscles

If the purchase of Twitter was enough to get people upset, then when he ended up flexing his muscles by firing a huge amount of Twitter Employees that he said were unessential people, the internet keyboard warriors went batshit crazy! But the thing is that when he did let over half of the Twitter staff go, Twitter still continues to operate, and it operated even better according to his tweets.

I just thought, “OK, this is what usually happens when a new owner takes over a company. It’s not uncommon.” But wow, the internet did not like that at all. For some reason, they don’t like when Musk manages his own company. A company he bought for $44 Billion. As far as I’m concerned at this point, he’s just running a company as most CEOs do. No big deal, but apparently a big deal to the Twitter Keyboard warriors.

Going mad with power

Mad with power

Then I start to see things that Elon Musk starts doing that I can understand would upset people on the platform. He starts to reinstate accounts that people thought were a bad idea. Accounts like Donald Trump, Kanye West, Andrew Tate, and so on. He did so under the guise of free speech.

He makes a pledge that he will support free speech and will support it to the point of allowing the @ElonJet account to remain active. But quickly backtracked and suspended more than 25 accounts that track the planes of government agencies, billionaires, and high-profile individuals — including one that followed the movements of the social media company’s owner, Elon Musk, who has said he was committed to “free speech.”

Now that he likes the feeling he has while having his finger on the suspend account button, he continues to suspend high-profile journalist accounts. After the backlash that he received for suspending news journalists that his free speech initiative is bullshit by suspending the free speech, the journalists were publishing. That’s what you call a hypocrite right? Well, he backtracks and reinstates those accounts because his “DOXING” excuse wasn’t being bought by anyone.

Crazy Policy!

His newly updated policy on linking to other social media sites is what I think really struck a nerve with most of his users. Especially content influencers.

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Even this got me all, “WTF Elon!??” OK, this is getting out of hand and somebody needs to intervene.

The people have spoken

Elon musk tweeted a poll and Twitter voted to have him step down. There were over 17.5 million Twitter votes with 57.5% wanting him to pound dirt. That’s about 10,063,874 Twitter votes letting him know that they don’t really like him.

Twitter votes out Elon Musk
Twitter votes! Twitter Votes!

Do you think that even after the Twitter Votes go against him that he will actually step down as CEO of Twitter? Or will he completely ignore the Twitter Votes on his poll? Will he end up saying that it was really 90% Cheers and 10% boos?

I think that this was just a way for him to back out of his role as CEO by playing the “The People Have Voted” card in order to gracefully exit. Making him seem like he is doing what is right on behalf of the Twitter users. I think this is the case because Tesla stocks dropped like mad and the Tesla shareholders are getting super frustrated with his Twitter Antics. So he thinks if he tweets a poll asking what the people want, this is his exit strategy after the Twitter Votes.

The guy needs to get back to shooting people to Mars and making electric cars and get away from Twitter now. He’s had his fun and his new toy is getting boring. LOL, see what I just did there?

The funniest tweet on this whole Elon Musk Twitter debacle

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