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Around this time of about 2 years ago I posted how I felt that Veterinarians are greedy money-hungry pigs, and guess what, they still are.

There is no justification or explanation that I am about to tell you that would make this OK.

A few days ago in the evening, my Girlfriend’s dog collapsed. So we called the local vet (Valley Veterinary Hospital) only for them to tell us that they’re booked and can’t take in emergency visits. WTF Right!?!?!? 

Well anyway, they suggested we go to another place in town across the river called City Animal Hospital and they said they would call ahead to let them know we’re on our way. So we got into the car and drove off in the night in the middle of a blizzard. The roads were treacherous and slippery, but we risked it anyway for the dog.

When we arrive, my girlfriend, knocked on the door and nobody answered. We call, there is no answer. She continues to knock standing out in a blizzard holding her dog and somebody eventually comes to the door with no idea as to why we are there. Valley Vet who said they would call didn’t.

So everything had to be explained through a partially closed door, the person wouldn’t let her inside. She came back to the car and waited for the person to find out what was going on and would call my girlfriend back.

So about 30 minutes later, remember the dog is still needing medical help, the person inside City Hospital calls. Now by the time this happens, enough time has elapsed that the dog seemed to be doing better. But we still wanted him checked out, after all, we just risked our lives to get there in the middle of a blizzard.

My girlfriend explains to the person inside the hospital that we drove all this way and the person tells us right up front that there will be a $280 Emergency Visit Fee and that’s just the fee without any other treatment.

What the fuck could justify a $280 fee? Nothing! Nothing morally could explain that kind of charge. $280 just to walk through the fucking door and then whatever charges for treatment on top of that!

These crooks care NOTHING about the animals! NOTHING! Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such exorbitant fees and charges as they have now. All they care about is the Money, not to poor animals they’re meant to be there for.

Ash (the dog) had an appointment a couple days later anyway, we decided to risk it and take him back home, hoping he’ll be OK till he sees the vet at Vally Vet. We aren’t poor, but we can’t afford $300 for a fee like that. Nor did we want to honor or condone that greed.

I can’t imagine thinking about all the loved pets out there that end up dying unnecessarily because the owner wasn’t able to pay this ridiculous Emergency Fee, for an $80 visit that would have saved their lives.

Greedy Money Hungry Villains should be on every Vet’s Description. They care nothing of the animals they’re meant to care for. They just want to upsell you on shit you don’t need and charge you for things that should be included in the initial exam visit.

It’s too bad Government wouldn’t regulate them and force a base price charge. It would be nice if pets were covered under pet medicare. Maybe time to get some pet insurance. If that is even worth it. Vets probably have it set that nothing would be covered under pet health insurance because they’re obviously THAT greedy.

Well, that’s my rant for the day.

PS. If you’re a vet, can you come up with a Morally good reason to charge a pet owner almost $300 for a so-called Emergency Fee just to walk through the front door? Answer in the comments so others can see and comment on also.

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You can thank the Fed Reserve and the *** bankers for all of the expensive things in American life.

That's not a Morally good reason to charge a $300 fee to walk through a door.Also, if you read the older post linked in this one, they charged almost $300 just for a vet to say he saw a flea without doing anything to find out why my cat was licking himself to death.I get that there are expenses like equipment, but in this area people cannot afford a whole lot, and chances are pets are suffering because vets over charge way to much.If they charged a morally correct amount, then you'd see more business. But that would mean more work and no time to stand behind a counter with your co-workers gossiping about the party they had at he strip club.Ya'll are greedy fucking pigs.

Next time you or someone you knows goes to an emergency room for people, ask for an itemized bill. Medical care is expensive

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