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(Most) Veterinarians can Go straight to Hell!  OH, please don’t misunderstand me, there are usually exceptions to every rule and I have known a few vets that cared about animals and were actual decent human beings.  (Just like there are a few Cops that are not control freaks, some Teachers that don’t like to boss around children, and a couple of people who work in Mental Health that aren’t more f**ced up than their patients).

They don’t care about you, the animals, or have any morality anymore, it’s all about the all mighty $$dollar$$.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

You’re probably wondering what is it that has got me feeling this way? I feel this way because of my 16-year-old Cat Buddy. Unfortunately, Buddy is getting old and his body is starting to let go. He’s losing weight, can barely walk because his bones hurt too much, and he has a hard time pooping or peeing in his box because it’s too hard to get into, which results in accidents elsewhere in the house. I know he’s in pain because of his constant loud meowing. When he is meowing like this he will stare at a wall or into the water dish as if he’s stuck and is too sore to turn around. When he does try to walk or turn around, he wobbles and trips as if he was drunk. He can no longer eat dry cat food, and it’s a chore to try and get him to eat canned Pâté cat food.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

So, I’m angry at the Vets because I have come to the point where I believe it would be best for Buddy to be put to sleep and they want to charge me a sh*tload of money that I cannot afford.

Valley Veterinary Hospital is way crazy expensive! (Pictured left is the message they replied to when I asked about pricing)
The lowest price they had was $168+ Tax ($193.20) for them to inject the lethal dose and send you home with his dead body to bury yourself.
Oromocto Veterinary Hospital wasn’t much better (pictured below, right)

Sure they’ll say they have to do an examination to make sure this wasn’t a Convenience euthanasia situation. But this was not the case. You don’t need to be a Vet to see that my boy Buddy is in bad shape just by looking at him. They just wanna justify ripping you off.

I’ve read that some vets will say that having to do this on a daily basis is stressful and mentally draining, so that’s why they charge high prices, just to compensate their state of mind. WHAT!?!?
That would be like going into a sandwich shop and asking for a Tuna Sandwich and then having the employee say that he’s going to charge extra because he doesn’t like the smell of fish. Find a new line of work then RIGHT!?!?

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

These vets will come up with every excuse to justify how they price gouge you. They’ll crap out sh*t from their face holes like, “We have all the things! Top-Notch Equipment! Our staff are highly trained and have many years of experience! It cost us $200 for a license to access a controlled substance! We give you extra special care for after we kill your pet, like putting your pet’s ashes in a very expensive jar!”
Sure, OK. If you HAVE all the extra money to spend on sh*t like that go ahead, I would too IF I HAD IT. But that’s just the thing, the average pet owner around here doesn’t have the access cash to spend on things like that, they’re just living paycheck to paycheck. Yet these Vets think it’s OK to price gouge people around here because they have the whole corner of the market and there are no other vets around to compete with. So instead of charging the usual $50 that you’ll see in other cities, they can charge whatever they want and get away with it.
That just sickens me to think about all those poor pets that need medical help and aren’t getting it because their owners just can’t afford the Vet prices. That doesn’t make them bad pet owners either, it’s not their fault they can’t just throw $300 at a vet to look at their pet for 4 minutes of their time.

I went searching on Vet Charges and I am not the only one in this boat. Apparently, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who can’t afford what vets charge. There are also stories on how Vets will Up Sell on unnecessary things, or even suggest unnecessary medical procedures. I read a story about a pet owner who had a dog with a couple bad teeth. The Vet said ALL the teeth would need to be taken out and would cost up to $7,000.
She couldn’t afford that at all. She went searching for other vets (Something I can’t do here as there are only 2) and came upon one who said it would be crazy to remove all the teeth when only a couple actually had to and would cost $700. That’s the exception I mentioned earlier about some Vets.

We all know there isn’t any real justification to these Vets overcharging pet owners, otherwise, there would be a standard rate across the board with every Vet Hospital. The real answer to why they charge so much is that they are all greedy price gougers that suck! They do not have the welfare of the animals in their priorities at all anymore.

Yet as I write this post, I’m listening to my boy Buddy meowing in pain because he can’t walk to the food dish and when he makes it, he can’t eat it no matter how hungry he is. It breaks my heart. It also sickens me that eventually, I will have to find a way to pay those crooks about $180 just so they can add an addition on to their mansion, or buy another yacht or speed car. F**king greedy Pigs!

I welcome any Vet to comment below to try and justify their reason for charging so much money to put a pet owner’s cat to sleep just so the pet doesn’t suffer any longer. Of even why they charge for something like that in the first place, given all the money they’ve probably made off the pet from all the Vet Visits in its healthy living days.

UPDATE (6-8-20): Buddy passed away in my arms a couple months ago in March. It was an awful 3-hour experience watching him go.  I did all I could to make him comfortable in his final days/hours. I got him cremated at a pet funeral place which was way less expensive than what the Vets were offering. I made a homemade urn box to put him in and now he is at peace and so am I now that I know he is not suffering any longer. I’ll miss my little boy.

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