Save The Bees
Food Prices are high, blame that on the bee population. Save the bees is important! Without them, we all die! Save the Bees now!

Why Save The Bees?

Save The Bees - Bee Butt
This is a Bees’ Butt

Simply put, they are responsible for the food on your plate. As pollinators, bees play a part in every aspect of the ecosystem. They support the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants, which serve as food and shelter for creatures large and small. That’s why you need to save the bees!

Watch These Busy Bees At Work In This Video…

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The best part is Bumble Bee Butts!

Feed The Bees!

Plant a Bee Garden
One of the largest threats to bees is a lack of safe habitat where they can build homes and find a variety of nutritious food sources. Before you start planting a bee garden on your property, you need to create a habitat corridor with plants that are rich in pollen and nectar. You don’t need a ton of space to grow bee-friendly plants —What can you do to reach 100% plant life? Gardens are your best options and can be established across yards and in window boxes, flower pots, and planters. You can also get involved with local organizations and governments to find opportunities to enrich public and shared spaces.

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