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Why are there so many different varieties of these Ghost Hunter TV shows? They’re all the same, and I can’t sit and watch more than 2 minutes of one before I get bored and change the channel.

All you watch is a bunch of terrible acting and overly jittery goofballs that jump and cream at anything and everything. With all their high tech cameras and equipment trying their best to prove something to the viewers that they know what they’re doing.

I’ve watched a couple episodes of one of the shows, no correction, I forced myself to watch a couple episodes. All I saw were a bunch of weenies prancing around in an old dark building talking to the air. Jumping and screaming at the empty air. All the while you’re sitting there waiting for something to actually happen, or you’re hoping to see something supernatural. And they spend all this time filming nothing and then at the end of the show where there is just five minutes left, they claim to have heard something or seen something. But do they actually catch this on camera? I mean they had all this special equipment and cameras all over the place right? Nope, nothing. Not a single REAL piece of video footage because they spent all their time filming each other jumping at faint noises and wind. Most of the time they have an audio recording that sounds like noise, but they claim to hear voices. Sure you would. You can imaging many things if you put your mind to it. I’ve farted once and it sounded like somebody saying, “Whomp!”
Why do people watch these shows. I’ve just described all of them and every single episode they’ve made in that one paragraph.

One of the silliest things I hear people say when they claim to have seen a ghost is they say the ghost was wearing a uniform, or long wedding gown like dress. How would that be possible. You’d think if a person died and came back as a ghost they would be naked right? Because THEY died, their clothes didn’t die with them did they? Because clothes aren’t alive and aren’t actually a living being with what people believe to be a life force or spirit.

If I made a ghost hunting video, I would doctor it and add light orbs and have people talking in gibberish in the background. Because if people are sucked into this bullshit so easily, Imagine what my show ratings would be like.!! HA HA HA!

People are sheep.

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